Forgive Me

Allyson thought everything was amazing she had an amazing boyfriend, family, school, and so much more. What happens when all of that turns around? And then the person who tries to save her from all that is her ex who she hates. Will she ever trust him again? Read to find out! *The Boys are a few years younger in this.*
-Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction-


4. Chapter 4


Ally's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes but, this time instead of waking up alone... Niall was sitting on my bed on his phone texting. "Um... Niall... What are you doing?" I asked.   "Oh... Hi Ally!!!" Niall said. "I'm sitting on your bed." He said stupidly. "Well... Yeah but... Why?" I asked. He shrugged. "Nice..." I said sarcastically. He chucked. "Are you... Uh... Afraid... Of... Louis" He asked. I slowly nodded keeping my head down. Niall scooted closer to me and hugged me tightly. "Ally he's changed I promise." He whispered in my ear. "Yeah... I've heard that before." I said sadly. He gave me a confused look. "Jake..." I quietly said. "Who?" He asked. "I don't wanna talk about it." I said. He nodded and got up. "Okay 1.... Breakfast is ready for you, eat it before I do... 2... Lou left something beside your bedroom door..." He said with a smile. I got up and looked beside my door. 2 boxes of chocolates and a necklace with a note that said: 'To my beautiful Ally...' He did not say that. I am not his. I stormed down the stairs my face showing anger and stomped into the kitchen with the note squeezed in my hand. "Well... Someone's extra angry when their on their period..." Harry laughed. Then the other boys did too. "One... That's not it... Two how did you find out?" I said angrily. They all pointed at Niall with innocent faces. "Niall!" I screamed. He looked at my innocently. "I'll deal with you later..." I said and gave Louis a death glare. "Would you like to tell me what this is about?" I asked him showing him the note. He gave me a confused look. "I'm not your anything okay so... STOP!" I yelled at the last part. "Ally... It's not a big deal..." laughed Zayn. This isn't a joke don't they get it? I'm not his! "Well it is to me!" I screamed and ran up to my room, slamming my door shut. 

Louis' P.O.V.

If I would of know that she would have gotten so mad, I wouldn't have done it. "Don't worry man. She's overreacting... Girls get a temper when their on 'their time of the month'. She'll come around..." Zayn said. "I know... It's just... I hurt her... I don't think I will be able to forgive myself either." I said. "Come here boobear." Harry said hugging me tightly. "Get her jealous..." Liam blurted out. "What? How?" I asked. "Well, it's obvious she still has feelings for you... Get a fake girlfriend... She'll get jealous... and... BOOM!" Liam answered. "Actually, that does sound like a good plan, you should do it Lou..." Niall said. "Yeah." said Zayn. "Do it." said Harry. "Okay... I could try it.." I said. It couldn't hurt right? "I know just the right girl" I said.

Zayn's P.O.V.

"Well... call her up... I'm going to go check on Ally..." I said. I went up to Ally's room, and knocked on the door. "Go Away!" She yelled. "Ally... can I at least get to know you better?" I asked. "Fine. Come in." She said. I opened the door and walked to her bed. "What do you say... Wanna get outta here?" I asked her. "Sure... As long as your not Louis or Jake." She said. "Who?" I asked. "Nothing." She mumbled. We quickly went pass the boys and out the door without them noticing. We went to my car and I texted Louis.

To Louis: Ally and I just left, time to get the girl to make Ally jealous.


Louis' P.O.V.

Wait they left? I didn't even notice. I texted Zayn back.

To Zayn: Okay I'm right on it! :)


I called the girl for the job...


*Author's Note*

Cliff Hanger! Who do you think this mystery girl will be? Do you think it will be someone famous? Or maybe some random chick? One of Louis' or the other guys ex's? Let me know in the comment section below! I love you beautiful, amazing, talented people! If you like this story please check out my other stories 'Irresistible' and 'Never Forget' ! Tell me what you think of the story please! Love you! <3 



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