Forgive Me

Allyson thought everything was amazing she had an amazing boyfriend, family, school, and so much more. What happens when all of that turns around? And then the person who tries to save her from all that is her ex who she hates. Will she ever trust him again? Read to find out! *The Boys are a few years younger in this.*
-Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction-


2. Chapter 2

"Hey." I said and smiled. "Louis?" She asked a little frightened. I nodded. "Stay away from me!!!" She screamed scooting farther away from me. "No-please I won't hurt you. I know what I did and I'm sorry I was so stupid. I've changed I promise. Please trust me." I said truthfully. "I can't trust you or forgive you. I never will. But, I have no choice so I'll stay." She said. I smiled. 

                                                                         Ally's P.O.V.

I didn't trust him not one bit. But, I had no choice. It was either stay with him or Jake would find me. But, there was something different this time. In his eyes I saw... I saw love and kindness. But, nothing he does will make me forgive or forget what he did. Nor with Jake. I admit I still have feelings for Lou but, I don't care. I'm not forgiving him or going back with him. He deserves no one. "Here is your food." Louis said giving me a plate with grilled cheese and some milk. I almost took a bite and then hesitated. He chuckled. He then grabbed a small piece of my grilled cheese and ate it and took a small drink of my milk. Proving it was safe to eat. "You didn't really think I would poison it did you?" He asked. I shrugged. He looked hurt. "I promise I will never hurt you again." He said. I ignored him and started to eat. When I was done I quietly asked, "May I take a shower?" He nodded. "Follow me." He said. I nodded. He went in his room and grabbed me one of his shirts. He then went into the closet beside the bathroom and grabbed a towel. He handed me the shirt and towel. "Here you are we can go shopping for you tomorrow." Lou said. I nodded. I took a long shower it felt wonderful. Once I got out I went downstairs. "Is there a place I could sleep. I'm tired." I asked. He nodded. "The room to the right of mine is a spare room you can sleep there." He said. I nodded. He was actually being kind for once. Wow. I walked into the room it was actually quite large. I walked over to the the bed laid down on it, I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

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