Loved by Him ( Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

My name is Diamond Lynn. I am 19 years old and I am a Freshman in College. I am in love with Bad Boy Liam Payne


1. I love him, Mom

Hello, my name is Diamond Lynn and I am 19 years old. I am around 5 feet tall, and I have dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. I am dating Bad Boy Liam Payne. I met him last December, and he's a sophmore in my college. He drives a bright yellow camaro with the black stripes that BumbleeBee had. 

"WAKE UP DIAMOND! OR YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!" My mom yells at me. Its around 7am and I have my first day of college today.   I quickly jump out of bed and grab my clothes. 

I take a ten minute shower and get dressed and jump down the stairs. I see my mom  sitting on a bar stool eating breakfast. 

"Hey Mom." I say to her as I grab a breakfast bar. And I grab my backpack that was sitting on the stool next to her. 

"Is Liam picking you up?" She asks not looking at me.

'Yes. And don't start." You see my parents HATE Liam because of the way he looks, and the way he dresses. They think he's going to rub off on me. Which he will not. 

I give my mom a kiss on the cheek and head out the door and see him leaning on his car. He is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, a pair of torn blue jeans, and his pair of black boots. 

"Hey Li!" I say as I walk across the street and give him a kiss on the lips. My hands wrap around his neck deepening the kiss. 

"Hey Babe." He says when I pull away from him. I throw my bag in the back seat and climb into the passenger seat. He starts to pull away from the curb. 

"Did your mom pick a fight today?" He asks not taking his eyes off the road.

"No. I didn't give her a chance too." I say taking his hand in mine and rubbing my thumb over the back of his hand.  He glances over at me and smiles his famous smile that I love. 

He pulls up to the school and parks in his normal parking spot. I lean over the console and kiss his lips again. And head out the door. 


Liam is waiting by his car for me to get out of my last class. I walk out and smile at him,and he smiles back.

"How was your day, babe?" He asks me as he gives  me a peck to my lips. 

"Perfect. You?"

"It was good." He says as he heads to the driver side. 

We arrive at my house about ten minutes later. I get out of his car, and head inside.

"Why are you with him?" My mom asks me as soon as I'm inside. 

"Because he's sweet." I say back.

"But look at him!" 

"Don't judge a book by its color. MOM!"

"Leave him."


"because I love him!"

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