Loved by Him ( Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

My name is Diamond Lynn. I am 19 years old and I am a Freshman in College. I am in love with Bad Boy Liam Payne


6. Chapter 6

Diamond's POV

I don't remember falling asleep while Liam drives back to his flat. I feel his arms slide around my neck and under my legs as he lifts me to his chest. My hands instantly attach themselves to Liam's neck. My face burying itself in his shirt. Taking in his scent and I slide my hand up the back of his neck playing with the hair coming out of the back of his snap back. I open my hazel eyes (I'm sorry if I said she had other color eyes) and see his brown eyes looking at me. He gives me his famous smile, "Go back to sleep babe.." He says while unlocking his door with me in his arms. Yes, he is that good at unlocking his door. 

I feel him take me upstairs into his room and place me on his king size bed. 

"Do you want to change or sleep naked?" he asks me.

"Naked." I say while sitting up and taking my clothes off knowing full well his brown eyes are staring at me. As soon as I'm naked I slide myself up to the top of his bed and go under the covers relaxing into his scent as it surrounds me.  

Soon enough I feel the bed dip and feel his arms surround me. And I can immediately tell that he is naked as well. I smile and move closer to his body and his warmth. I can immediately feel his member go toward my ass poking it. 

"It wants in you so bad babe." He says while he buries his head my neck.

I start to slowly grind myself against him feeling him start to kiss and suck on my neck. 

"Thats it!" He growls as he sticks a finger inside my folds earning whimpers from me. And as he starts to go faster I move away putting a couple of inches away from us. Even though my body wants his heat. 

"You fucking tease!" He growls trying to pull me back to him. 

"Goodnight babe." I say starting to feel my eyes close as he starts to finish himself off.


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