Loved by Him ( Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

My name is Diamond Lynn. I am 19 years old and I am a Freshman in College. I am in love with Bad Boy Liam Payne


5. Chapter 5

This chapter contains SMUT. So please do not read if you are under the age of 18 :)









Diamond's POV

After Liam and I had our little make out session and he started to drive. His grip so tight on the steering wheel that his knuckles were white. My gaze lingers down to his crotch seeing his hard member yearning to get out of the confines of his pants. I know we have a good thirty minutes till we arrive at his flat. So I reach over the center console and start to massage his member through his pants. He removes his hand from the steering wheel giving me better access to his crotch. 

"Mmmmm babe!" He groans having a hard time keeping his eyes open and on the road. I start to unbutton and unzip his jeans freeing his member. Earning a gasp when it hit the cool air. I lean over the center console and my mouth finds the head of his member. Earning a groan as it enters my mouth and I start to bob my head. 

I feel his hand closest to me tangle itself into my hair pushing me further down to his aching member. 

"Fuck babe! Don't you dare stop." He growls as I feel the car come to the stop. I guess he pulled over so he can fully take in what I am doing to him. I take his whole ten inch cock into my mouth earning a gasp from him. 

As soon as I feel his member jump in my mouth I know that he is holding it back. I release his member and whisper "Don't hold back, Babe." Then my mouth re-attaches to his member. He stiffens and lets out a growl and a couple cuss words as I feel him relax. But as I'm about to go back into my seat he pulls me to him.

"My turn to please you babe!" he says as he reclines his seat. "Take off your pants and thong babe" he says staring at me with lust filled eyes. I instantly do as he says and wait for other commands from my boyfriend who is filled with lust.

"sit on my face." He says calmly even though his eyes are screaming some other emotion I cannot place. I move myself over his face and brace myself since I know how good his mouth is to me. 

He instantly attaches his mouth to my clit earning moans and whimpers from me as his tongue slides over my nub expertly. All the while he sucks on it like he's done it a thousand times. He then pushes his rough tongue inside my core making me grab his shoulders to keep me standing upright. As he fucks me senseless with his expert tongue. Instantly, finding my G-spot and continually hitting it with every thrust of his tongue.  He goes back and forth between fucking me and sucking on my nub. But as he feels my core milking his tongue he reaches up with his right thumb ad starts to rub my nub as fast as he can. I grab onto his bicep and squeeze as I am filled with pleasure almost to much pleasure. As soon as I cum he clears my now very sensitive core of any remains and gives my nub soft kitten licks. Earning me to flinch from being over sensitive. I am overly exhausted he lifts me up and places me back into the passenger seat and kisses my forehead. 

"Good night babe. I had fun tonight."



Not going to lie just picturing Liam doing that. Ohhh god! I can't even say my feels going through me right now. ;)

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