Loved by Him ( Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

My name is Diamond Lynn. I am 19 years old and I am a Freshman in College. I am in love with Bad Boy Liam Payne


4. Chapter 4

Liam's POV

Diamond climbs over the center console and sits on my lap deepening the kiss. She then starts to grind herself on me earning a soft moan from me. 

"Babe, unless you want me to fuck you right here and now. I suggest you get off of me." I say with a slight gruff to my voice.  She chuckles and kisses my lips one more time then she starts to climb back to her seat. But I grab her by her thigh and smack her ass growling as my hand massages it. She lets out a squeak then I feel her melt into my touch as I massage her ass with my big hands. 

"You like that babe?" I ask in a groan all I earn from her is a small moan and nod. I let her go before I take her right then and there. She sits back in the passenger seat and stares out the window as I start the car and drive off. 

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