Loved by Him ( Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

My name is Diamond Lynn. I am 19 years old and I am a Freshman in College. I am in love with Bad Boy Liam Payne


2. Chapter 2

I stormed out after my interaction with my mother. I took out my iPhone 5s and dialed Liam's number. And on the second ring he answered. 

" 'ello babe." 

"Hey Li, can you come pick me up at the end of my street?"

"sure babe.What happened?" He asked sounding worried.

"Nothing just get here!" I say back to him.

As soon as those words get out of my mouth a black Land Rover pulls up and rolls down their windows. A large man leans his head over so he could talk to me.

"Need help Love?" 

"No, My boyfriend's on his way." I am still on the phone,and I'm hoping, no PRAYING Liam is on his way. 

"Want me to wait with you till he gets here?" He asks trying to descretly check me out. 

"No I can wait." 

"Don't go anywhere, Diamond. 'm on my way!" Liam said into the phone as I heard a door close and his car door open.

His car pulls away but pulls on the curb a few feet away from me.

Great just great. Now I have a stalker. Liam get here soon!!!

I pull out my iPod and start to play We The Kings- Any other Way. And I start drumming on my thighs as the bass fills my ears. When all of a sudden this figure stands over me. I look up covering my eyes from the sun, and its the guy that was in the back of the car. He holds his hand out wanting me to take it. His eyes are almost black with lust or anger. I can't tell which one. I shake my head and look back at the road hoping Liam will show up soon. I feel a strong hand go on my shoulder and force me to stand up. My knees buckle not wanting to go with the stranger. He harshly pulls my headphone out of my ear.

"You're coming with me!" He said harshly in my ear. As he took my bicep in his vice like grip. I desperately tried to fight off his grip, but it only made him furious. He put his mouth near my ear. "If y'know what's best for you. You should stop fighting me." He whispered harshly in my ear. 

He tugged on my arm and pulled me to the Land Rover where his friend is waiting. He threw open the door and threw me in like I weighed nothing. He then climbed in after me. 

"Y'know my boyfriend will find me and beat your arse!" I yelled at them. All they did was laugh at me. The guy sitting next to me chuckled and hit my stomach.

"Shut up! Will ya! Your ours now!" I whimpered at him which only caused him to chuckle more. 

Liam's POV

I arrived at where Diamond said she was at. She was nowhere to be found. Where the hell is she??? I see a Land Rover sitting near the corner two guys were sitting there. One was sitting in the driver seat and another was in the passenger seat. The one in the back seat was looking at a person sitting next to him. Laughing and I saw him reach over and hit whoever was next to him. Then I see Diamond's dirty blonde hair.

Those assholes are doing who knows what to her!

I storm over to the car and open the door where Diamond is sitting. And she looks back at me her eyes are filled with terror. She holds her hands out for me like a little kid wanting to be held. I pick her up and place her behind me. She automatically clentches my shirt in her tiny hands. 

"If you ever come near her again! I swear to God I will hurt you!!!"  I bellow to him.

"You just threatened me!!" He yells back.

"You hurt my girlfriend. You're lucky I'm not beating your ass right now!!" I yell at him again, and I turn around and slide my hand into Diamond's hand and pull her towards my car. I am fuming.

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