Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


7. washing off the memories

 I turned to see if Harry was sleeping. i guessing so because he looked so relaxed. his mouth wide open, slow breaths coming out. he looked so beautiful. he WAS a good looking person I have to admit. I was going to get up and change but I was too tired to think anymore. I quickly fell asleep, body aching from just a few minutes ago.

ring ring. I heard the sound of my phone ringing. "shit" I mumbled reaching my arms over to the nightstand. it was my mom.

"hey girly, I don't know if you remembered but your brother is moving into his new apartment today." fuck! I forgot. my brother just started a new college somewhere in santa cruz and I was suppose to help him. "but anyway, ill see you at 11 is youre still gonna go." she continued. "uh yeah ill be there iiiiin..." I looked at the clock on the nightstand. "in like 30 minutes." well it was 10:30 so its not like I had more than 30 minutes anyway. "ok ill see you then" "alright bye mom love you"

when she hung up I set my phone back on the nightstand. I just rested my head on the pillow in exhaustion. I thought for a moment. I thought about last night and how he forgot the condom. smart one. I felt weight move on the other side of the bed. I looked over to see him looking at me squinting obviously adjusting his eyes to the light. damn he was cute.

"im leaving in like 30 minutes so get up sunshine." I said removing the blankets from my body but jerked them back on because I realized I was cold. and naked. I searched the floor to see my dress, heels, and no wrapper. I gasped and a little too loud. "what" he said in his deep slow morning voice. "you didn't use protection." ok you may thing I should be freaking out but those few times I payed attention in school was when they said that I will still have time till the egg gets fertilized. so if I just take one of those pills, and it'll all be good. I hope.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Harry screamed jumping outta bed with his boxers thankfully on. I guess he threw them on in the middle of the night. "harry its-" "NO ITS NOT OKAY YOU COULD BE PREGNATE AND I COULD BE A FATHER !" he screamed. "let me expl-" "EXPLAIN WHAT !?! THAT YOURE PREGNATE AND CARRYING A LITTLE PERSON INSIDE YOU" ok I was getting tired of him cutting me off. "LOOK GOD DAMMIT! IT TAKES A WHILE FOR THE SPERM TO GET TO THE EGG. ALL I HAVE TO DO, WHICH IS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU, IS TAKE A PILL TO MAKE SURE IT DOESNT GET TO IT!" I yelled. he was quiet.

"do you have any of those pills?" "i thought for a moment. "yeah my sister left some for me a while ago." i said. i found a sheet at the end of the bed and took it so i could shield my body. "ive already saw you naked. no need to hide." he said and winked then grabbed his clothes and quickly dressed. i got up and went to my closet, i picked out a mid thigh dress with flowers on it with one hand cause the other one was holding up the sheet. it was a really summery time of dress. (if that made sense)

i walked over to my dresser but Harry was in front of it. "hey can you throw me a pair of underwear in the top drawer behind you?" "sure" he smiled. he lifted a black pair and twisted them around on his finger. "these are cute" he giggled. still playing with them. "well just give them to me so i can shower." he tossed them to me and i started walking over to the bathroom till i realized i didn't get a bra.

i poked my head outside the bathroom and just felt something it my face. i looked at it on the floor and saw it was my matching bra. "ive had way too many girlfriends to not know about these things." "and im guessing you had way too many mess ups with protection with all those girls." i said with a kind of attitude.

 i picked it up and went back into the bathroom. wow he was actually being really nice. he has been for a while now and i was kind of happy because that means we aren't going to be arguing. well i don't even think i will talk to him again cause he seems like the guy that will have sex, then never talk to you again. he seemed better than that but i wouldn't get my hoped up. i made my way into the shower and washed off the memories of last night.

i got out and quickly dressed. i took one of those pills that my sister left for me. thank god for her. i went back outside and didn't see Harry. i decided to texted him. hey i took that pill. everything will be okay. i got dressed and listened for a vibration. nothing. hes ignoring me... but its ok cause i knew this would happen.

i quickly made it out the door and into my car. i sat there waiting for my heater to warm up the car. bzz bzz. my phone vibrated.

a/n: hey thanks for reading my story if you are (: got a new chapter after a while. anyways, hope it doesn't suck. love you <3

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