Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


1. Usual day

 I woke up to the sound of my alarm. 10:30. I had work today and was not looking forward to another day of sitting there doing nothing. I got dressed in my black jean shorts and my maroon work shirt and walked out the door skipping breakfast. i felt the cold breeze hit my face as goose bumps ran down my arms. i worked at a gym which wasn't too far from my house so I walk there.

I opened the door to a clean smelling room. it wouldn't smell like this for too long because of all the sweaty people that will be working out here later on. "Hey Alice." i said to my co-worker whos also my best friend. "ugh im glad you came, its so boring and i haven't been doing anything besides watching that hot guy over there." she nodded her head into the direction of the weights. i looked and saw a guy with blonde hair on his phone. "blondie?" "no not him, the brown headed one" i looked again and saw a guy with brown curly hair. oooh he was hot.

"have you talked to him yet?"
"pffft no, what if i embarrass myself? you go talk to him"

"umm ok" i said and walked to the other side of the counter to where all of the equipment was. "hey, are you new here" i asked. he just ignored me and started to walk away from the weights. "um, would you like to get a member ship here?" then he turned around really fast facing me. "i don't like being talked to while im trying to work out, so why don't you just leave" he said in a harsh tone. he was really close to where our mouths were just centimeters apart. "and i don't like being told what to do." "fine by me" he started walking away. wow what an asshole.

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