Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


2. time to myself

i walked back to the counter where alice was. "i tried talking to him but he seems like hes in a bad mood." "oh that's too bad because he's really freakin cute." "yeah i guess"

4 hours passed and ill ive done was sign people in and made one membership card for someone. "ok. youre done with your shift" Dylan said coming from a room in the back. "finally, now i get to have some time to myself." i walked out from behind the counter to go work out. i usually work out by myself because its more peaceful. i walked into the room with the punching bags and stuff. i know youre probably thinking 'why is a girl going to work out with the punching bags?' well, i like to work out. im not a girly girl and im not a tom boy, i just like exercising.

i opened the door and felt the ac on in the room. i heard someone in there and looked to my right to see the dick that i talked to earlier. oh great. i decided to just act like he wasn't even there. i walked over to the mini punching bags that come back really fast and you have to keep hitting them. i put in my earphones and clicked to summertime sadness by Lana Del Ray on my phone. i kept punching for about 5 minutes until i felt my earphone being pulled out. i turned around to see the same guy. "what?!" i asked harshly because i hate when people pull my earphones out. "loose the attitude. why are you here?" "i kinda work here and i just wanted to work out." "but youre a girl." "clearly" i said and put my earphone back in and started to walk away.

he grabbed my wrist and spun me around causing my phone to fall out of my back pocket with my earphones with it. "listen bitch. i don't appreciate you talking to me that way." he was really scaring me at this point but i couldn't let him know that. "don't care." i mumbled. "clearly" he said in the same tone i used earlier when i said that. i could tell me and him are going to have problems.

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