Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


9. taking care of buisness

ring ring. everyone in the room looked at Zayns phone. he grabbed it from his lap and read the name. his eyes got big and he started acting all jittery. "uhh... uhhh... Harry come here for a second." Harry looked at me and then at Zayn and followed him into another room leaving me with the rest of the boys. "what was that all about?" i finally broke the awkward silence. they stayed quiet for a second then Louis finally spoke up. "uhhh should we tell her mate?" he asked Liam. "i guess i mean she is dating Harry and everything. she'll find out sooner or later." louis nodded and turned to me.
find out what? what if its something i dont wanna know? what if it changes the way i look at Harry? wait, who even told them we were dating?
"well-" louis started. "the guy on the phone was someone that Harry owes a massive amount of money to... and he doesnt have all that money. thats kinda all we can tell you for now" louis said kind of scared of what my reaction would be. "oh... ok" i answered. this was scary. how couldnt he tell me? who am i kidding we havent even been going out for that long. this definitley makes me look at Harry a whole nother way.
"just please act like you dont know anything" Liam said. we heard footsteps coming back to the room. i looked at Louis who just shook his head and looked back in the doorway. Harry came in first, then Zayn. he looked worried but then smiled when he looked at me. "well um we should get going, we have to watch Lux today" Niall said and all the boys except for Harry stood up. I said goodbye to the boys and hugged them all but Louis wispered something in my ear that sounded like 'dont say anything' but how could he expect me to not bring it up?

after they left, me and Harry were just sitting on the couch without saying anything. "so... what was that about?" i asked. "what?" he asked acting dumb. "the phone call" i said with annoyance in my voice. "nothing." "Tell me" i said standing up. Harry copied my actions. "no" he said scooting closer to me. i backed up because he was getting really mad and close. "what was it?" i asked. his eyes grew dark. "i said nothing! he yelled grabbing me by the forearms and pushing me against the wall. my back slammed to it.


no daddy please dont hurt me. "its all your fault !" he grabbed me and slammed me into the bedroom door. "please dont hurt me" i wispered with fear in my voice. the last thing i saw was a fist before my eyes before everything went black.

"please dont hurt me" i wined. his eyes went soft right after i said that. "oh no no no" he said quietly removing his hands from my arms. what happened? he was acting all nice before and now im seeing the same guy that was at the gym. "i would never hurt you" he continued. i just stood there in shock. This brought terrible memories back from when i was a child. "baby talk to me" he said urging me to say something. i just shook my head and looked down at my feet. "its just..." he took a while to finish his sentence. "i cant tell you... not yet"

a/n: yay! i got another one up. comment suggestions and parts you liked. im also looking for another character so you can put your name and descrption below. thankyou (: love you bunches <3

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