Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


10. running late

then he got up. without another word. oh great hes just going to leave me here clueless of why he cant tell me. but what if he knows its for the best? I don't care. the suspense is killing me. but ill have one of the boys tell me later, when our relationship gets more serious.

"come on." he said turning from where he was walking out. oh I guess I was supposed to follow him. "where are we going?" "to my place" "but I wanna go home" I wined. "just come on and get in the car" he sounded to get even more annoyed with me so I guess ill just have to obey what he says.
once in the car, his phone rang and he put his finger to his mouth to tell me not to talk. "uh hello?" I couldn't hear the voice on the other line but I could assume what they were saying by Harry's answers. "nows not a good time" he said. there was another pause. "I don't have it" he said. im assuming hes talking about money but what Louis told me. the other voice was shouting now and I could tell it was a guy. after a few short seconds, Harry hung up and put his face in his hands in frustration.
"is everything alright?" I asked. he didn't answer. he just started the car and started driving. "who were you talking to?" "uhhh... my mum" he said slightly flaring his nostrils. "don't lie to me" I said. I already knew the person was a guy... unless his mom was a really manly women but I doubt that's the case. "it was my dad" I could tell he was still lying but I decided just to drop the situation.
we arrived at his house a few minutes later. we walked inside not saying a word. I have to admit, his house was really nice. he had black couches, a boy flat screen tv, and a nice glass table. his house was big but not as big as the one we were at earlier. that one was huge. whos house was it anyways?
"Harry, who's house were we just at?" "Simon's" he simply replied. I just nodded not even knowing who that was. I sat down on his couch which made Harry turn his head from his phone. "uhh you do know that you can go up to my room" he said with a small chuckle. "you act like I know where it is" "come on" he motioned for me to follow him. we went up the wood steps and into a room. it had a king sized bed with plain white walls. it wasn't dirty at all which surprised me because all of my other boyfriend's were really bad at keeping their places clean.
I kicked off my shoes and layed on his bed. it was really cold in his house which sucked. "im tired" I yawned. "you can erm take a nap if you like. imam go to the gym and-" "ohhh my god." I was supposed to be at the gym for a meeting with the boss. "I have to go to a meeting" the meeting wasn't a big professional meeting. it was just about new equiptment and stuff.
"ok, well ill give you a ride" i pulled my flats back on and walked out the door into the car really quickly. it took 10 minutes to get there but it felt like hours. "shoot i hope i don't get introuble." i got out the car and ran in the gym. "ill be over here" Harry said.


i opened the door to our meeting room and only the boss was sitting in there. "wheres everybody at?" i asked. "youre only scheduled for the meeting" he said with a smile. he had an empty seat next to him which was the only other seat in the room. i sat down and tried to roll the chair over to where we weren't so close. i tried to move but that's before he put his hand on my lap. a little to close to a spot i didn't want it to be. i jumped at his touch and stood up. "um ill just go, im running late for a uhhh... a uhhh... a thing yeah a thing i have to go to." i made an excuse. i backed up but he got up and pulled me by the waist really close to him. i knew what he was doing and my first instinct was to call someone. "Harry" i yelled carrying out the 'y'.


"is that your little boyfriend?" ye-" before i could finish, Harry stepped in. once he saw what was happening, his eyes grew dark and his fists clenched. "let. go. of. her." he said. oh no.

a/n: thanks for your nice comments. (: ill try to post some more chapters but i have school and stuff so ill update at least once or twice a week. thanks for reading, love you bunches <3

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