Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


5. love bites


i was in the shower by now just standing there. i closed my eyes as the hot water trailed down my body. after a couple minutes of thinking, i shaved my arms and legs and washed my hair.

i stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel behind me. i felt the cold breeze rush onto my skin as i made my way to my room. i already had a short black tube top dress picked out and ready to go. i also had black heels next to my bed. i walked over to the glass sliding door of the balcony and closed the curtains. i dried quickly and put on my underwear and bra. i threw on my dress and walked back into the bathroom. since i didn't feel like drying my hair, so i scrunched it with gel and hairspray. i blow dried it afterward and added some more hairspray so i could get my hair to feel crunchy and hard. i was doing my makeup when i heard a small tapping coming from somewhere. i decided to ignore it because maybe it would go away.

*tick *tick *tick. it was still going so i decided to go check it out. i walked back over to balcony and pulled the curtains open to see a head full of curls in front of me. he smirked and mouthed to let him in. hes such a weirdo, he knows where i live so he takes that as an opportunity to come in whenever he wants. i shook my head and closed the curtains back up not caring if i was being rude. he opened the glass door and the curtains and walked right into my room like he runs the place.

i let out a sigh and walked back over to the bathroom to finish my makeup. "you don't need makeup, youre already beautiful." i ingored his comment but he didn't seem to like it. "that was a compliment" "thanks" i said carrying on to putting mascara on.


we were at a club entrance and there were loads of people here. all the girls wore heavy makeup and shorts that showed half of their butt cheeks. well ok then. Harry gripped my hand tight as the guy let him in first. i guess he comes here often... anyways, we went inside and the smell of alcohol filled my lungs. the first thing we did was head to the bar. "two shots of the strongest you have." he said pounding his fist on the counter. "why the strongest?" "because youre not going to want to remember tonight" he said with a wink. the bartender came back with the shots and we drank them quickly. the alcohol warming me up as it slid down my throat. about 7 shorts later, i was grinding on Harry on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow. i knew it wasn't like me but who cares. i was really crazy when i was drunk and Harry seemed to find that out quick.

i turned around grinding my butt on his front as he started kissing up and down my neck. he started sucking on the skin and biting making me wince. he turned me around and started to kiss me. i kissed back not know what i was doing. his tongue slid into my mouth right away but i didn't care. after making out some more, his hand slid on the inside of my thigh making its way up.

after the club, we ended up at his house in his bed. i couldn't control myself as the alcohol took over my actions. all i knew was that i was gonna regret this tomorrow.


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