Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


11. come on, you can watch me beat someone's ass

he walked over, his eyes burning into the guys face. but this time his eyes didn't shine the way I liked them to, they were a dark green and we kind of scary. I stepped back from the guy, also tripping over a chair. "harry stop" I grabbed his wrist but he yanked it away. "what were you doing to her!" he yelled getting so close that you can tell my boss was uncomfortable. he refused to say anything so Harry put his fist up ready to hit him but without thinking, I jumped in front of the punch. I don't know why I did it. I guess I just don't want to see that side of Harry. once his fist hit the side of my cheek, the face turned the other way. I stood there for a moment with my head turned to the side, my hair covering my face. Harry gasped and slowly turned my head back to face him. "I am so sorry" he said looking like he was about to cry. I looked into his eyes that weren't so dark anymore, they were a light green shade, glossy and bright. "I-its not your fault" I said. I turned around to my boss who was standing there with wide eyes. "and as for you!" I yelled. Harry stepped back making me room. I wasn't going to be the only one who gets punched in the face. so I held my fist up and punched him right in the eye using all the force I had in my 5'3" body. his head fell back and he held his eye with him hand. and with that, I walked passed Harry who had shock written all over his face. he followed me out the door which seemed impossible considering how fast I was going. I walked out the door and headed for Harry's car. "what was that?" I tuned around the Harry how was kind of smiling. "I-I don't even know" I started chuckling after I said that. OH NO! I have no job which means I cant make money which means I have to move in with my mom. I moved away for a reason. my father abused me as a child but later died when I was 11. not one tear was shed for him because of all the horrible memories and scares he left me. after he died, my mom became an alcoholic, leaving my brother to take care of me. when I found this job, I started getting enough money plus what I saved in my bank account, and got my own place. "harry what am I going to do" I said frustrated running my fingers into my hair" "well first you're going to join" he said still chuckling. "Harry im serious I don't have a job anymore" I climbed into Harry's car and so did he. "I have a place similar to this, the only difference is its more busy and pays more." "really!?" I asked exited. "ha-ha calm down, we'll go there now. I need to work out anyways." he started the car and turned the radio up and we headed on our way. we listened to 'what now' by Rihanna, blasting the music so loud that my teeth started to chatter. we got there after a few more songs and I started to feel a lot better. we walked into the glass double doors and a really nice scent hit my face. its a gym... but it smells good...? wow this is another difference. "hey harry" the guy at the counter said. "hey" he said looking at the man but kept walking. he grabbed my hand and we walked through some steel metal doors. as soon as we walked in, I saw a hug boxing rink with two men fighting. there were people training with other people off to the side of the room and a few punching bags here and there. "Harry!" the referee yelled making the two fighters tuned and look at Harry. "hello" he said with his thick accent. "you're up next" Harry nodded and took me over to a room which im assuming was a locked room. he threw off his shirt causing my to travel up and down his abs. "I have to go uhhh... fight so you can watch or you can stay here." "no I want to watch" I said. "ok" he said taking his pants off and throwing on some basket ball shorts he got from a locker. he threw on boxing gloves but they were the thin kind that let the tips of your fingers stick out. "you're so hot" I laughed and poked his stomach. "thanks" he said with a smile. he came close to me and started kissing up my neck making his way to my lips. he got up to my lips and we were in a deep kiss when I felt his soft moan in the back of my throat. "you're so beautiful" he said then continuing the kiss. he put him hand on my butt causing me to giggle. he slid his hands to the back of my thighs which meant to jump. I did, and he softly pushed me against a locker behind me. "I love you baby" he said. he locked the door after we came in here so I wasn't too worried about people walking in on us. his hand slid under my dress and onto my underwear making me moan. he slid them down my legs and took his pants off still holding me with one of his hands. he still into me causing me to moan once more. ... he slid his pants on after he pulled my underwear back up still kissing me. BANG ! "come on curly its your turn!" someone said hitting the door. "ill be out in a minute" Harry replied. "come on, you can watch me beat someone's ass. "
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