Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


19. car ride

beep beep beep beep.

what the heck? i don't have work, i called them yesterday and told them i was going on vacation for a few weeks. and that's not even the ring tone for my alarm. i opened my eyes and looked beside me.
"Harry" i said trying to wake him up. "harryyyyy" i sighed. "HAROLD!" i yelled over the alarm clock. "what?" he asked opening his eyes and looking at me. "turn off your stupid alarm" i said holding myself up on one elbow. he grabbed his phone and dismissed the alarm. i glanced over at the table next to me. 4:30. fuck. it is way too early.
he turned back so he was facing me and closed his eyes. where is his shirt at? i pulled the blankets slowly revealing his tattoos, then his stomch, then his waste, then- "no its cold and i don't have clothes on" Harry said with a raspy morning voice. dang that was sexy. ok control yourself Nicole.
"why are you naked?" Harry opened his eyes and thought came to my mind. i pulled the blankets off of my body and was pretty happy to see i was wearing a tanktop and some shorts.

Harry watched me as i did all this. the laughed which made me look at him. "what?" i asked letting go of the blanket. "youre just so... cute" "cute?" i asked. "yeah, and by the way i always sleep naked so don't worry se didn't do umm..." "yeah i got that" i said getting out of bed and walking around to Harrys side. i knelt down and picked up his clothes and tossed them so they landed on his head. he didn't take them off, he just sat there with clothes on his head. "thanks... for that" he said pulling them off.
"well get up, the boys will be here in 30 minutes." he got up, stretched and walked into the bathroom, naked,
"you don't have to turn away... you do know that right?" i looked at his face and he winked. "oh please i would look if i wanted to." he just laughed and walked over to the shower. i followed him keeping my eyes to the back of his head.
he stepped into the shower and waited for me to join. i took off my clothes and threw them on the floor. i got in and Harry scanned my body up and down. my hands covered my boobs and front.
Harry just shook his head and smiled. i slowly took my hands down and grabbed the soap washing my body. Afterwards, Harry did the same. it was so cold so we were both pushed together trying to stay under the water. "please don't get one of those things..." i said hoping he didn't get hard because i was trying to stay comfortable and warm. "what?" Harry asked confused. "you know... one of those little things you get when..." i trailed off not knowing what to say. "first of all it isn't little" he said with some sass in his voice pointing to the lower part of the body. i just laughed, washed my hair, then got out. i wrapped myself in the towel and Hary did the same. we got dressed and soon after, someone knocked on the door.
i got up but looked at Harry sitting on the couch. "someone knows how to knock" i opened the door to see two girls standing there. who are they?
"hi..." "hello, you must me Nicole, im Maya and this is Rose" the older looking one said. "yeah, i heard you were the girlfriend of Louis and Niall." "yeah, the boys are in the car waiting." Rose said.

Rose had hair that was dark brown with a little but of light brown in there. She had big brown eyes and was really beautiful. Maya had brown hair and eyes also and was very pretty.
i turned to Harry, "come on we have to go" he looked like he was sleeping. i tuned to the girls and rolled my eyes laughing a little. i walked over to the couch and shook Harry. "get up" i said. "youre interrupting my beauty sleep" "well youre beauty sleep clearly isn't helping" i joked. the girls giggled a little which made me smile.

Harry finally got up and we went over to the van with the girls infront of us. Liam was driving, Zayn was beside him, and Niall, Louis and Harry were in the middle. me and the rest of the girls were in the back. woah this van was really big... and comfortable.
i got to know more about the girls and they seemed like great girls.
"so, when did you start dating Harry?" Rose asked. "not too long ago, he walked into the gym, where i work, and didn't seem to be having a very good day." Harry turned to me and laughed. "sorry about that" them turned back around. "haha anyways, yeah then we just started talking and stuff... so how did you meet Louis?" i turned to Maya. "oh, i was at a store working and he tripped over a rack making it fall" i laughed along with Rose. Maya smiled and continued. "yeah i know, not the greatest way to meet someone but im glad it happened so what else can i say"
"what about you?" i asked Rose. she only smiled and replied with one word. "Nandos" i laughed. typical Niall. "interesting, what happened?" i said still laughing. " it was kind of embarrassing actually, i just ordered food and walked away from the counter and Niall was walking infront of me not paying attention and spilled soda down my shirt." oh gosh. i looked over at Niall who couldn't control his laughing. "sorry babe, but its ok because you getting your boobs wet lead to a great relationship." he said still laughing. Rose giggled at her crazy boyfriend. they are crazy.
we just spent the rest of the ride talking and singing along to the radio. it was pretty fun actually. i knew me Rose and Maya were going to have fun, making this crazy trip more fun than i thought it was going to be.


a/n" WHOO! \(-.-)/ two chapters up in one day. anyways... thanks for reading and all of that good stuff. keep commenting (: thankyou <3  

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