Addicted *harry styles fanfic*

Nicole is a 17 year old girl with a dull life, that is until one boy enters her life changing everything. she was working in the gym as always when the door opened revealing a guy that she didn't think much of. see why her thoughts we second guessed in 'Addicted'


6. 13+

i was sitting on top of harry, both naked and making out. i was a virgin until a few minutes ago. he pulled his self out of me as he switched places with me. he began to thrust into me hitting the right spot every time making me moan. "that's right baby, moan for me." he said white kissing up and down my neck. our sweaty bodies were pressed against eachother as we moved together.

i could feel myself reaching my climax. "its ok baby, let it all out." he whispered. i felt my walls tighten but then relaxed when it released everything i was holding in. he let go right after then pulled out. he started kissing from my neck down to my bare chest. he slid is tongue on the center of my breast lighting biting on the nipple.

he layed down next to me as we both tried to steady our breathing. im started to regret this now when i realized. we. forgot. the. condom...

a/n: short chapter because i never made a chapter where all this nasty stuff happened. thanks for reading (: love you <3

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