adopted by louis tomlinson

when 6 year old lux nobody gets adopted by louis tomlinson her life changes. even though she is 6 she still knows more than the oldest kids in the orphanage. when her and harry have a strong bond louis is almosted pushed out of her life! what will happen when lux is 13? will she choose her dad or harry? read to find out what happens.


2. louis

   louis' p.o.v

"boys come on we have to go!" i screamed. "where are we going any way lou?" asked liam as he got in the limo. "the orphanage" i said "why? are we performing?" harry asked "no im adopting. i feel like i need a little girl to gill my heat with joy." i said as we pulled away from the flat. "ok so you are adopting a little girl?" zayn asked still not sure "yup" i said popping the p. after 10 minuets we pulled up to the orphanage. i jumped out of the car and went to the door. i knocked twice and the door opened. a little girl stared up at me. i bent down so i was here hight. "hi, what your name cutie pie?" asked her. she laghed. "lux nobod-" she closed her mouth when she was about to say mer last name and looked down. "did you say nobody?" she nodded "i dont have a last name" she said and ran off. "what did you do to her?" nial asked me hitting the back of my head. "nothing! she said she dosent have a last name and started to cry then ran off!" i said. we walked to the owner. "who let you in here?" she said stricktly to us. "a little girl named lux" i said. "that little brat dose that all the time. what can i help you with?" i looked at liam. he shook his head. "would like to adopted a little girl." "ok i will get the girls." she said. "no need. i know what child i would like. i would like to apoted lux."

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