adopted by louis tomlinson

when 6 year old lux nobody gets adopted by louis tomlinson her life changes. even though she is 6 she still knows more than the oldest kids in the orphanage. when her and harry have a strong bond louis is almosted pushed out of her life! what will happen when lux is 13? will she choose her dad or harry? read to find out what happens.


5. harry

          Harry's P.O.V

"so little bug before we go to the house we are going to go to the water park" i said in a thee year ol voice. "but i dont have a bathingsuite!" lux said in a dremadic voice. "then lets go get one" louis screamed. "daddy act like an adult not like a three year old!" i cracked up laughing along with zayn. niall, and liam. when we got to the mall i picked her up. we walked to a store. two 15 year olds came up to us. "your one direction!" they yelled. "no, were the unicorn princeses" i said putting my hand on my hip. they laughed. "awwwww and who is this adorable little girl?" one of them asked while she patted lux on the head. "this is lux tomlinson louis just adopted her" i said. "how old are you sweetie?" the other girl asked. "im 6 years old, but i have a mind like an 11 year old." she said smiling. "haha, so can we get a picture?" the first one asked. "sure" after they were gone lux picked out a bathing suite and went to the water park.

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