adopted by louis tomlinson

when 6 year old lux nobody gets adopted by louis tomlinson her life changes. even though she is 6 she still knows more than the oldest kids in the orphanage. when her and harry have a strong bond louis is almosted pushed out of her life! what will happen when lux is 13? will she choose her dad or harry? read to find out what happens.


3. going home

  lux's p.o.v

i sat on my bed crying. i was face down in my pillow. i finally got to meet the real louis tomlinson and i made a fool of my self. someone came in my room and sat on my bed. "lux, are you ok?" it was louis. "i t-thought y-you d-didnt l-like me." i said crying "no lux, i like you! and you know what? you have a last name know!" "i-i do?" "yup, its tomlinson!" "your adopting me!" "yup" "thank you thank thank you!" i said. as i grabbed my stuff. i hid my phone in my bag. "want to meet your uncles?" he asked me while picking me up. i nodded my head quikly. he ran down the staris. "lux this is harry, liam, niall, and zayn." he said putting me down. i hid behind his legs. harry bent down "no need to be shy, we wont bite." i came out from behind my new dad. harry held out his arms and i ran to them. he picked me up. i laughrd. he kissed my nose. "let me see her!" "we have to go" we got to the car and drove to my nw home.

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