Samantha is a girl, but she isn't like any other girl. She has a life full of secrets, she changes from nerd to bully in one day. You have to get on her good side or she'll get revenge, that is exactly what happened when Harry Styles has his first day at school on one of Sam's nerdy days. Read more to find out!!


2. Meeting Him

Samantha's POV

I woke up, knowing exactly what I was going to put on today. I quickly took a shower and changed into a nerdy outfit. When I was walking out, I yelled, "BYE JACE!"

"BYE SAMMY!" My brother yells back. As I walk out the door (fixing my nerdy glasses), I saw my neighbor/best friend, Bri, running towards me excitedly, looking at what I was wearing today. When she catches up to me, she gasped, "I take it that today we are gonna hang out with the nerds, right?" I nodded. "I also hear the famous Harry Styles is transferring today to our school." While she grins, I pretend to puke. She laughed at me.

"What ever. Come on Brianna, we gotta walk today." She groaned. I smirked, the started jogging to school.

"WAIT UP SAM!!!" She screamed trying to catch up to me. I just laughed. 5 minutes later we made it to school. As we walked in, everyone stopped what the were doing and stared at me, wanting to know what I was wearing today. While I ignored the stares, Bri and I went to my nerdy friends, Sally, and Jessica. Soon everyone was back to normal and started up the chat again.

"Hey girlies!!" I screamed. They all laughed.

"Sooo, I heard that Harr-" Brianna got cut off by the bell, and she was a bit mad, while I was thanking god. Jess, Bri, and I ran to 1st period. When we got there, we were a bit early so we all sat I the front together. When everyone eventually came in and took their seats, Mr. Brown (sorry for the awful name), the math teacher, started class.

"This quarter we are going to review about square root-" He was cut off from the door bursting open to reveal the 'wonderful' Harry Styles(note the sarcasm). It, I mean He looked out of breath. "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you class, but Harry here, will be joining us for the rest of the year. Harry go and take an empty seat." I looked around to see some b*ches pumping out their chests more just to get his attention. I couldn't believe that they are my friends and I have to look like them for one day (no offence). Harry sat down in a seat next to them and winked. After that slight interruption, Mr. Brown went on with what he was saying before he came in. Meanwhile, Harry started flirted with those fake-faced freak shows (again, no offence). I was pretending to pay attention to the teacher, because I already knew all of this. I would only pay attention to the questions so that I could raise my hand.


*Skip To End Of School Day*(I'm lazy)


As Bri and I were walking to the BIG double set of doors that led us to freedom...

"Hey whore."





Dun dun dun! Who do you think said that?! How will Sam react? Well I'm tired and I think I wrote a pretty long chapter! *Yawn* Goodnight. Oh and before I pass out... Please like, share, and COMMENT! Bye...


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