Red Tears

This was just a poem, I came up with :)! Hope, you like it :D!


1. Red Tears


The scars on your arms are red

Your tears are making it worse

Just lying here in bed

Wondering about this endless curse


The question always runs through your mind


It hurts too much inside

And your heart is slowly going to die


You are too weak

Why so much hate

The tears keep rolling down your cheek

Is this really your faith


You begin to shake

And take the knife

Do you got, what it will take

To take your own life


Red tears streams from you

The pain will soon be gone

Where will you go to

Will you meet anyone


They got, what they wanted

The little girl’s happiness

The memory of you is haunted

They could not care less


You are not the only one

Who did not make it through

Now they are all gone

Hurting the ones they knew


Why do they not stop

Too many lives are lost

The last teardrop

Is the one with the cost

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