She left for college, so did he. They didn't know each over. She saw him , he saw her. They fell in love......



2. Chapter 2

I pushed my trolley down the hall and entered my room. I found a boy was standing there unpacking boxes. 'Alright  , mate?'  obviously expecting a boy. Turning around with his hand out he pulled a face, 'Your not a boy,' he seemed confused 'wait are you?' I shook my head. I placed my boxes on the bed that wasn't taken. 'Um can I take your name?' he asked. I  told him, 'Rebecca'. He smiled. 'I had a hamster called Rebecca'  I smiled 'she died though'. I turned around and took things out of my boxes. 'Rebecca?' this boy won't shutup ,  'you've got the wrong room.' I  took a look at my  room card. 'Nope , this is mine.' I showed him 'Room 13 block Sunshine.' The boy looked confused. I knew why he was., I mean a girl and a boy sharing a room for 2 years or over! 'Should we go and ask' I spoke for like the 2nd time. 'Maybe yeah,' I still haven't got this boys name yet! 'Lets go!' We left our packed boxes and suitcases on the beds and we walked down the hall.

As we peered into everyone else's dorm , it was girl and girl and boy and boy. We didn't know where we was going but after about 1 hour of walking we found the dorm head. We knocked on the door and entered the room.

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