My Compromise with the Devil

Celestia Suou was nothing more than an average woman, going about her daily life. However, what happens though - when fate comes to get you?

The day she was supposed to die, never came. However, not all is a happy ending. The Devils' catch up not to long after, ready to make her death come true.

When a compromise is brought up though, thoughts are changed.
She has one month to live.

And all of this goes against Demon Rules, meaning they could all be in danger.
Can she survive through it all?

One Girl. 5 Demons. 1 Angel.

And all Hell is about to break loose.


1. Skeptical

My Compromise with the Devil

1 - Sober

"Beep! Beeep! Bee-Beep!" Once again the alarm had sounded, the noise ringing off the walls. It had been going off for about a while now, getting louder as it awaited for someone to turn it off and give it peace.

"Oh, shut up already!" The small hand slammed on the alarm clock, causing it to crash on the floor. "Ooh god, what day is it?" Hands searched the bed stand with anxiety, picking up things here and there trying to analyze them by feel.

"September 27?" A smile was placed upon their lips. "Friday. Just what I like to hear." Followed by a stretch, feet touched the ground lightly. Her spirited smile was one that knocked others' off their feet.

As she walked to the bathroom, you could see her toes' bouncing, feet energetically walking, and eyes shining. Her happiness was brought on by knowing tomorrow was Saturday.

As she stepped into the bathroom, she only wished for one thing - that she didn't have to get ready.


Celestia Suou was capable of many things. Her respectable attitude got her far, but often a foul attitude would show through. It took a lot to poke through her skin, and if you so happen to 'accomplish' this, run for your life.

As the keys in her hand jingled loudly, she locked the door only to turn around and find her apartment neighbor.

Her oh-so-nice neighbor.

"Ms. Kindra, good morning..." She spoke hesitantly.

"Hmph, morning! You leave 20 minutes ago!" The woman fumed, her Spanish accent pouring heavily. It was bad enough that she smoked every 10 minutes, not knowing any proper English made it even worse.

"Uh- It's Friday...I won't be needed at work until 8." Celestia was utterly confused, this woman knew work schedule?

"You get ass out and go!" Her unwomanly voice shouted, foot stomping as the cigarette between her teeth wiggled. "Mela! Get off couch!"  She yelled after her cat, slamming the door behind her.

That woman drove her insane. Although she was actually pretty entertaining at times. Just last week Ms. Kindra tackled a man in the lobby for taking her purse, when she actually dropped it.

God, that woman could have been a football player.


As she stepped out of the building, her body froze momentarily. Something was completely off. It was a little to bizarre for her liking. 

Her eyes glanced around cautiously, looking for any sign of what may be wrong.

{{ So sorry, I will finish chapter 1 later! Stay tuned, appearances by the Devil's are coming up~ ;) }}

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