One Day


1. One Day

This day...
This year...
This time...
This place...
Come with me
He pleads.
I will try 
I say.
I will wait
He ends.
I breath.
It flies away with him.
My words.
Along the path that winds.
Around the trees he goes.
And leaves me here alone.
I turn, away,
I know I can't stay,
But something keeps me there.
I tilt my head to the sky
And think of my choices.
To follow
And leave.
To stay
And freeze.
I must choose
And soon,
For the winter wind is blowing.
Is he waiting?
Or has he left without me?
If I wait too long he will give up and flee.
If I go, too soon he will wonder away.
So I stand, in the cold, and shiver and shake
I'm not sure what to do
I'm at war with myself.
In the distance, I see
A black figure walking.
As they step closer, I smile
And my heart warms inside 
For the man who is coming is someone I know
He's someone who cares and someone who laughs
He's someone who loves how I never can skate
He glides to my side and I wait for his lecture
His soft breath is white in the air
I close my eyes and wait for what never comes 
Instead a jacket is slipped over my shoulders
And although my eyes are still sealed shut I hear his voice echo within
"You'll catch a cold, my dear"

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