Be My Eyes - Larry Stylinson AU -

Being "visually impaired" was never a hassle for the young man named Harry Styles. He went to school and came back home, no big deal. Occasionally he would mess up a bit by walking into the girl's bathroom instead of the men's, but everyone understood. He wasn't allowed a guide, so he used the "stick" that didn't exactly have a pair of eyes to see with.

With college just around the corner, literally, Harry finds his new surroundings harder to imagine. His classes were far apart, making speed a must, and the area was twice as large as his high school back in Holmes Chapel. Although he's known as the "scary guy who never makes eye contact", Harry has his reasons - not that anyone really wanted to try to find them out.

But one particular person did... a curious 21 year old who had his eyes set on the younger boy since he stepped foot on the campus. A lad by the name of Louis Tomlinson.


5. semi-important

If you want to read Be My Eyes || Larry Stylinson please go to:

It is still written by me, however, it is a slightly different version. But if you're still looking to read it, it is on my wattpad account.

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