Be My Eyes - Larry Stylinson AU -

Being "visually impaired" was never a hassle for the young man named Harry Styles. He went to school and came back home, no big deal. Occasionally he would mess up a bit by walking into the girl's bathroom instead of the men's, but everyone understood. He wasn't allowed a guide, so he used the "stick" that didn't exactly have a pair of eyes to see with.

With college just around the corner, literally, Harry finds his new surroundings harder to imagine. His classes were far apart, making speed a must, and the area was twice as large as his high school back in Holmes Chapel. Although he's known as the "scary guy who never makes eye contact", Harry has his reasons - not that anyone really wanted to try to find them out.

But one particular person did... a curious 21 year old who had his eyes set on the younger boy since he stepped foot on the campus. A lad by the name of Louis Tomlinson.


4. Chapter 3: Be My Acquiantance


- Hannah xoxo



*Louis POV*


My eyes landed on Niall as I made my way across the street. His eyes were trained on a curly haired guy standing next to him, completely unaware of my presence. I yelled out the blonde's last name and made my way towards him and his new friend. "Dude, you scared the shit out of us, I swear. Stop using a manly voice, Jesus christ man."

I smiled, shaking my head, "Was it intimidating enough to scare people?"

Niall laughed whole-heartedly, a smile stretched onto his features, "Yeah, hell yeah." I stopped myself from laughing at his reaction, "Well that's what I was going for. Maybe I could make some professors piss their pants, eh?" I nudged the Irish lad in the ribs, motioning with my head towards the guy with a giant stick in his hands. His head was tilted downwards, as if in shame; and his hair was pulled up quite like how Niall and I had ours. Without waiting for a response, I spoke to the oblivious kid, "And you are?" 

His reaction was priceless as he jumped up, unprepared for whatever I had said to him. With no hesitation, he spoke, "Harry Styles."

I smirked at his lack of movement. Did I intimidate him? "Well, Harry. First year, huh?" He nodded, not daring to sneak even the slightest peak at me. "I'm Louis Tomlinson, a second year."


"He's not that bad, Lou." I rolled my eyes, " Not that bad? Niall he just told us he was blind. He won't be able to walk around without bumping into a god damn wall, stick, car - whatever. Do you think that'll make a good impression of us at the uni? Having a blind kid in the group is exactly what we don't need." I whisper-yelled at him as I glanced at the clueless kid at the table. 

"Louis, I'm telling you, he's not that bad. If he didn't tell us you wouldn't have noticed. Minus the stick and shit, he would fit right in. Besides, he's roommates with Scott, so obviously we're going to see him quite a bit. Like it or not, he might just end up hanging out with us." Niall spat at me, trying to hide his anger towards my attitude. 

"He won't fit in." I stated the words as if it were a pure fact; and it probably was. When you imagine a bad ass group of guys, a blind guy never seems to find his way into that group. Usually the blind ones are the ones that end up anywhere but with -well- anyone. 

"Keep saying that Louis, while he's making half the birds around us stare at him like he was their next meal." I glanced around to find what he said was true. 

"Whatever," I mumbled and made my way back towards the table. 


*Harry's POV*


"Is Louis still here?" I heard a grunt from my left side, "I'm still here."

"Oh, sorry I couldn't hear you." I apologized quickly, afraid that I had upset the older boy. He and I didn't talk much throughout the couple of hours that the three of us had talked. In my defense, I was positive I didn't do anything to make him hate me right away. Yet, for some odd reason unknown to me, he apparently hates my guts already. Maybe he's just like Scott.

I sighed as I felt an arm drape around my shoulders, "So, Harry. What are you studying here?" 

"Um, I-"

"Spit it out will ya?" I frowned at the high pitched voice of the second year.


"Oh, like technical music?" Niall questioned.

"No, um, like singing," I mumbled, biting my lip.

"Really? That's really cool, man. I'm studying Tech stuff for really anything." I smiled and nodded, "Cool."

"Thanks, mate. Louis is here on scholarship for football, he's one of the best players." Niall boasted, showing off his friend's talent in athletics. I kept the smile on my face as Niall continued on about Louis and his footie team. "Yeah, cool." I mumbled every once in a while. Until a voice spoke up, the voice of the Doncaster boy - yeah he mentioned where he was from earlier.

"Niall, shut up. You're just talking shit about it. You're boring the kid," he sounded a bit agitated at Niall. I could imagine seeing him running his hand through his hair - much like how I do when I get irritated by someone. 

"Yeah, yeah. Okay, sorry Harry." 

I cleared my throat and looked straight forward, "Nah, it's cool."


So um, this probably sucked? Yeah. Okay. 

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- Hannah xx

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