Be My Eyes - Larry Stylinson AU -

Being "visually impaired" was never a hassle for the young man named Harry Styles. He went to school and came back home, no big deal. Occasionally he would mess up a bit by walking into the girl's bathroom instead of the men's, but everyone understood. He wasn't allowed a guide, so he used the "stick" that didn't exactly have a pair of eyes to see with.

With college just around the corner, literally, Harry finds his new surroundings harder to imagine. His classes were far apart, making speed a must, and the area was twice as large as his high school back in Holmes Chapel. Although he's known as the "scary guy who never makes eye contact", Harry has his reasons - not that anyone really wanted to try to find them out.

But one particular person did... a curious 21 year old who had his eyes set on the younger boy since he stepped foot on the campus. A lad by the name of Louis Tomlinson.


3. Chapter 2: Be My Buddy


*Harry's POV*


"Yeah, mum." I shifted from one foot to the other as I felt around for a pair of jeans in my drawers. "No mum, no one has given me any trouble." Unless you count the five deadly rules of Scott. My mind wandered off elsewhere as I grasped my jeans and pulled them on. Cussing silently to myself, I took them off and flipped them around. Stupid jeans. Stupid forwards and backwards. Stupid eyes. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

The next few minutes mostly consisted of my mother ranting on an on about speaking up against people who gave me a tough time. In all honesty, they didn't mind me too much. I was an easy target, so who wouldn't want to make fun of an easy target? It makes sense, at least to me..

"Hey, mate." I stopped struggling with my shirt as a voice spoke up in the middle of my thoughts. My head snapped towards the direction that the voice had come from. It wasn't Scott; I knew that for a fact. "Niall?" My words came out in a whisper, desperately hoping I was correct. 

"Yeah, man. It's me." I let out a sigh of relief as his accent rang through the room. "Didn't mean to scare you, I swear." Nodding, I threw my shirt on quickly (hoping it was on the correct way) and grabbed my white cane and walked to where Niall was standing moments ago. 

"Did you need something? Because Scott already left, so you won't find him here." I mumbled as I made my way towards the front of the apartment. My hand had just grasped the handle to the door as Niall spoke up once again, "Harry, that's the closet." 

"I knew that," I fired back at him.

"No you didn't, you didn't even know that was there because," before he finished his sentence, I cut him off.

"Because I'm blind? Yeah, thanks for pointing that out again, Niall. It's not like I wasn't completely aware of that already." I sent a blank glare towards the lad before attempting to find the front door handle. The creaking of door hinges made me look to my right, "The door's over here..."

"Thanks, I guess." There was a bit of hesitation as Niall probably nodded - most neglecting the fact that I can't exactly see anything. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't purposely being rude to him. I just didn't wake up in the nicest manner this morning and right now he was the only target that I could lash out on right now.


"Harry, wake up. I swear I will piss on your bed," I groaned as Scott's voice spoke next to my bed. In the 12 hours I had known Scott, it was safe to say he wasn't the nicest guy around. In fact, in these past 12 hours he had somehow made me completely hate university without even taking a single class yet. He constantly made fun of the fact that I couldn't see shit. Which made him start telling me how he would draw on my face and I would never know because I can't see my damned reflection.

Oh wait, let me go through the whole god damn list while I'm at it. He mentioned how he could make a fake charity case for the only blind kid in the school and make a profit out of it. Not just that, but he told me how he couldn't believe that I wasn't in a special needs school because I had to read braille. There was also the part about my white cane - or in his words "smacking stick" - which he asked if he could use it while having sex with the girl on the floor above us, then he went on and on about how he would use it and I was so close to just saying, 'Can I smack you in the balls with it?' But that didn't happen. Sadly, it probably will never happen. 

If you want to know, I was already planning how to brutally murder him withou being suspected. Always the bright side to things, no one really suspects the blind guy. 

"I will smack you with my dick, dude." I shot out of bed and glared at the air.

"Why do I have to get up?" 

"No reason, just wanted you to get up. It's like 10:00 so have fun by yourself today." 

My jaw fell as I heard my door slam followed by the front door. Are you fucking kidding me?


"So do you like football?" Niall broke the silence as we walked around the campus. I simply nodded as a response. "American or European?" 

"Both, I guess. I've never really played either, but I've heard some stuff about it." My voice lowered as I tilted my head down to make it seem as if I were staring at the ground. "Oh, right. Uh, what do you do in your free time then?"

"Read," I could basically feel Niall grimace at my words. "You read? Man, that's not how you live life."

"Well, it's not like I have much of a choice, now do I?" 

"I guess not, but still. Who reads? Blind or not, reading shouldn't be considered fun." I rolled my eyes at the guy standing near me - yes I can roll my eyes. Surprised? Don't be. "I never said it was fun, Niall. I said that's what I do in free time, not once did I mention the word 'fun' in there."

"Horan!"  A voice bellowed in the distance. I cringed at the volume of the other male's voice, but another sound filled my ears: laughter. Niall's laughter to be exact. "Dude, you scared the shit out of us, I swear. Stop using a manly voice, Jesus christ man."

"Was it intimidating enough to scare people?"

"Yeah, hell yeah," Niall laughed out with enthusiasm.

"Well that's what I was going for. Maybe I could make some professors piss their pants, eh?" The same voice spoke, but it was softer, a bit more soothing than his prior beast-like roar. 

"And you are?"  I jumped, not prepared for any possible questions directed towards me. 

"Harry Styles."

"Well, Harry. First year, huh?" I nodded towards the source of the voice, my head still tilted downwards. "I'm Louis Tomlinson. A second year."




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