Twitter Love (a Niall Horan fanfic)

Rachel tweeted Niall little did she know that he would reply. What happens when they fall in love. You will have to read and find out.


12. Honeymoon

Niall’s P.O.V


We are on our way home from the hotel. Memories of last night come flooding back. Making love to Rachel is one of my favorite things. The way she moans my name and digs her nails her nails into my back leaving temporary marks. The way her blue eyes roll back signaling me that she likes it. The way she bites my lip knowing it drives me crazy. The way she runs her fingers through my hair. We arrive back at the house and say hello to everybody and head back to our bedroom. We start to pack for our honeymoon in  Bora Bora. We are leaving in an hour. I am done packing in five minutes. Rachel, of course, is still packing. I sneak up behind her and grab her waist. She squeals and turns around kisses me. I deepen the kiss by sliding my tongue into her mouth. Her hands move around my neck. Our tongues move in sync with each other. Her hands then move to play with my hair. She playfully bites my lips and I moan into her mouth. We stand there and kissing for about two minutes until we hear someone clear their throat. We turn toward the door and see Perrie standing there. Rachel gives her nervous smile and we both burst into a fit of laughter. Perrie lets us know that the cab is here and turns and walks out. I grab our bags. We will only be gone a week and it feels like Rachel packed the whole house. I load the bags into the cab and open the door for Rachel. I’m quite the gentleman, I know. I get in on the other side and we are off for the airport. Once we get there and through security, we board the plane. Rachel sat next to the window and I sat next to her. She has never been on  plane before. She is shaking with nerves. I grab her hand and she calms a little bit. Five minutes later we are in the air. We both fall asleep quickly.


We arrived at our beach house and quickly change into our bathing suits and run down to the beach. We have the beach all to ourselves. I run into the water with Rachel trailing behind. The water is freezing and Rachel squeals when her feet hit the water. I turn around and pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I give her a quick kiss on her lips and keep walking deeper. I dunk her into the water and she screams. She comes back up from underwater and and playfully yells at me. Next thing I know I am under water with her hand on my head. I grab her waist and pull her under too. We come back up laughing. “ It’s so co-.” She is silenced by my lips crashing on hers. She is quick to react. Her cold, wet hands play with my hair, tugging lightly. My hands travel up her back and pull the string of her tiny bikini. I pull the string that’s around her neck, never breaking the kiss. I tug at the top of her bottoms. I pull them down and let them float on the water. Her hands move to the top of my swimming trunks. She tugs them down and I kick them off my feet. Her body is so amazing. I grab her breasts in each hand. She runs her hands over my abs. We have stopped kissing and started talking about how much we love each other. I then start to suck her neck. She moans and I get hard. It never takes much though. She is so beautiful. I have no idea how I ended up with her. Her brown hair, with its unruly but sexy curl, lays flat on the water. I am out of breath. I turn and look over at the beach and there are other people. I grab her top and throw it at her and she quickly puts it on. I slip into my trunks. She slips her bottoms on and we start laughing. My heart is beating but I continue to laugh. We walk out of the water and head back to the beach house.


Rachel’s P.O.V


I can't believe we almost got caught naked in the ocean. We are now in the shower getting ready to go to dinner. Niall is taking me to a really nice restaurant just out of town. I got out and curled my hair and put on my nicest dress. It was tight, short, and black. Everything Niall would like. Niall comes  out in a white button up shirt tucked into black pants. He looks so hot. " Hey sexy," is the first thing he says to me when he walks out. I giggle and pull on my high heels. We walk out to the car and drive to the restaurant. It's a nice place. We had a table reserved so we are seated instantly. The place is packed so it must be good. We are served some wine and begin our candle lit dinner. " This is a nice place," I say. " Yeah. I feel very young," he says pointing towards everyone else. I realize they are all older than us. Way older.  I shrug and order my meal. Once they bring it back it tastes amazing. We sit in silence because we are to busy eating our delicious food. Once we finish and pay we head to a club. The club was dark and loud. I pull Niall to the dance floor right away. I begin to dance on him to the beat of the music. I can instantly feel him get hard. I smile and move faster. The song is over and we head to the bar. We both agreed to only have one drink. After we finish our drinks we head out to the dance floor. We dance a little longer and then head back to the house. At the beach house, we change into more comfortable clothes and cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. We decided on Crazy, Stupid, Love. Within the first twenty minutes I am straddling his lap, both of us shirtless, making out. Kissing him will never get old. His lips are always so soft and warm. His tongue always has a  slight cherry taste. His fingers are running through my hair and it drives me crazy. I bite his lip and he moans. I love hearing him moan my name. It makes me wild. His blue eyes are so beautiful. He is effortlessly charming. He is my prince and I am his princess. I would do anything for this man. He cares so much for me and I am the same for him. I have no idea how I ended up with a guy like him. He is famous and I am just me. Boring me. I guess he saw something special in me. I very lucky. I climb off his lap and continue to watch the movie. Half way through we both fall asleep. I wake up and all I hear is Niall lightly breathing in my ear, signaling me that he is still asleep. Some late night talk show is on talking about some nonsense that nobody cares about. I roll over to face Niall and plant a quick kiss on his lips to wake him. He groans and slowly opens his eyes. A smile forms on his face when he sees. "What time is it?" "Midnight," I reply. At that he picks me up and takes the both of us to the bedroom. He pulls back the covers and lays me down and covers me back up. He does the same for himself. Simple actions like these make me love him even more. He is so sweet. We both turn to face each other and start little small talk. "Niall, I think I'm read for another kid." "Really? Me too. This is great. I'm glad we were both thinking the same thing."


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