Twitter Love (a Niall Horan fanfic)

Rachel tweeted Niall little did she know that he would reply. What happens when they fall in love. You will have to read and find out.


8. Dress Shopping


I heard a quiet sound of sining., I looked over and saw Niall wasn’t there. I got up and walked towards the girls room. I saw Niall holding Jennifer and singing. A smile grew on my face. It was so sweet. I had to force myself not to say anything. He turned towards the door and saw me standing there and he got a little embarrassed. I whispered into his ear “ Don’t be embarrassed.” He smiled at me. I picked up Nicole started singing. Niall turned to me and said “ You're amazing.” I smiled and continued singing. I then sat down in the chair and started to lift up my shirt. I had been breast feeding them. Nicole latched on and started sucking. Once she was done Niall handed me Jennifer. Once she was done I laid her back done in crib same with Nicole. I went into the kitchen and started making breakfast. I sang quietly to myself. I didn’t realize I was singing Little Things until Niall joined in. I flashed him a smile and continued singing. We were just having a good time. Once we finished eating breakfast the girls came and picked me up. We stopped by Hannah’s house and picked her up.


Once we were at the bridal shop I told them that I wanted a dress that was strapless and form fitting and flowed out at mid-thigh. After about twenty dresses I found one. ( I inserted a picture of the dress. I am not sure if you can see it on the app but I am pretty sure you can see it on the website.)

I absolutely love the dress. It was everything I could have imagined. I hope Niall likes it. We went to another store not to far from the bridal shop to get a veil and stuff. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. I was so happy. I was hanging with my friends, I found a beautiful dress, and I had a wonderful fiance.


It was now the night before the wedding. I was so nervous. I wasn’t worried about the fact that I was getting married but the fact the I am going to be in front of a lot of people. Jennifer Nicole are the flower girls. They have matching little dresses and they look so cute. They could barely walk. We have been practicing so they can at least walk down the whole isle. I am having Niall’s father walk down the isle with me since both of my parents were abusive and alcoholics. I haven’t spoken to them for 10 years. I was brought back to reality when there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened it. There was a woman standing there. It was my mother. How did she find me? I just stood there and stared at her. I waited for her to speak. “ Rachel, is that really you?” I only nodded. “ Where have you been all these years?” “ Why do you care you were never home anyways?” “ I still missed you.” “ I never missed you. You beat me. So I left.” “ It wasn’t all me it was your father too. Anyways I hear you are getting married.” Just then Niall can to my side. “ Oh, this must be him?” I couldn’t take it anymore. I hated her. It was my turn to get revenge. i clenched my fist and swung at her face. I felt my fist contact her jaw. She brought her hand up to her face, placing her hand on the now wounded area. She looked into my eyes and tears started flowing from her eyes. I screamed “ Thats what you get for all those years! You’re lucky I didn’t do more!” I slammed the door in her face and turned look at Niall. He had a shocked look on his face. I explained everything to him. He hugged me and brought me to bed. I gave a kiss on the lips and drifted to sleep.


A/N I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’m sorry this chapter is so short but I wanted to update so... Please let me know if the picture work.

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