Twitter Love (a Niall Horan fanfic)

Rachel tweeted Niall little did she know that he would reply. What happens when they fall in love. You will have to read and find out.


2. Date Night

Rachel's P.o.v.


Hannah is helping me get ready for my date and giving me advice. She's usually the one that gets all the guys. It calmed me down a little bit but she has never gone on a date with a famous person. We were going to Nando's mine and Niall's  favorite restaurant.  Was ready and I thought I looked pretty good. I wasn't as nervous hoping my looks would overcome my stupid remarks.


~ At the date~


Niall picked me up and drove to Nando's which we had reservations for. He looked great. He complimented me say I looked stunning but denied it. I was always a little insecure about my looks. Hearing I looked beautiful made me feel warm inside. He got our food and it was amazing, as usual.  We made small talk, telling each other about ourselves getting to know each other. Niall offered me dessert and I said " No thank you I'm stuffed." And at that he paid and we left. He took me back to his flat to watch movies. He let me borrow a pair of sweatpants so I could get more comfortable. We decided on watching Stepbrothers, one of my favorites. I ended up falling asleep on Niall's shoulder.


Niall's P.o.v


I woke up at about 8 in the morning hungry. Just then I realized that Rachel was asleep on my shoulder. Gosh, she was gorgeous even when she was sleeping. I slipped out from under without waking her ad went and made breakfast. I made bacon, eggs, and toast.


Rachel's POV


I woke up to the smell of bacon. I was confused where I was. Then I realized I fell asleep at Niall's. He came out of the kitchen with a warm smile and said

"Good morning." Making me smile I replies with a "Good morning. Did you make something?" " Yeah I made breakfast so get up so we can eat. " I got up and grabbed my phone saw I had ten missed calls from Hannah. I decided to call her back later knowing she wouldn't be up yet. I figured she was calling to ask how the date went or where I was. (I didn't have the best family growing up so Hannah offered me to live with her. And I have lived there for a few years now and it made us nothing by closer in our friendship.) I sat done to eat breakfast and Niall served it to me. It was really good. " It's really good" I said. He thanked me. He had a really nice flat. I kinda figure he would since he's in the worlds biggest boy band. " What do you think about going in a walk?" He asked. I told him I should get going. " How about five later tonight?" He asked. " Yeah, I'd like that." We both smiled and he drove me home.


Hannah POV


I woke up and Rachel still wasn't here I was getting worried. I checked my phone to see if she called. Nope. I hope she’s okay. Just then I heard a car pull up. Right after the front door opened and Rachel walked in with a smile on her face.

“ Where were you?”

“ Niall took me to his place to watch a movie. I ended up falling asleep.”

“ Oh I was worried.”

“ Sorry.”

“ Well how was it?”

“ It went well. We are going on a walk later.”

“ Yay!”

And at that Rachel went upstairs to take a shower.


Rachel’s P.O.V


After my shower I got dressed. Hannah and I decided to go out for lunch. We talked about the date and I told her everything that happened. She was happy. She was glad that I was happy. After we got home i got ready for my walk with Niall. I put on a cute shirt with a British flag on it and cute jean shorts. I threw my hair up in ponytail and applied light make-up. I slip on some red Converse and I was ready.


~ On the walk~


It was beautiful outside. We decided on walking to our local park. The park smelled of freshly cut grass. Me and Niall walked hand in hand. We stopped under a tree to cool down. Niall turned to me and asked“ Will you be my girlfriend?” I didn't know what to say. I was shocked. I smiled and said” Yes.” He look into my eyes and smiled. His eyes are even bluer and more beautiful in person. He was amazing. We started walking again. Then we hear a roar of thunder. “Crap.” Niall said. “ It’s okay i like storms.” I told him. He smiled and said “ Me too.” It wasn't raining yet. Just a roar of thunder every couple minutes. We made small talk and laughed and told jokes. Just then it started pouring. Niall turned towards me and kissed me. It was magical. I felt like time stopped and we were the only two people left. He pulled away I was pulled back into reality. We both smiled at each other and kept walking. We walked for a good two hours  before we decided to go home. We back to his flat. I decided to text Hannah so she wouldn’t get worried. Niall gave me a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. He threw my wet clothes in the dyer. We sat down and talked a while longer. Then Niall, of course, got hungry. We walked into the kitchen. I offered to make him something. He said “ Sure. I gotta make sure the lady can cook.”  I laughed. I decided to make my best dish, French toast. Niall showered while i cooked. When he came out of the bathroom. He smiled “ Smells amazing.”  Wait till you taste it. He sat down and helped himself. He took a  big bite. He smiled and  said “ This is amazing.” with a big mouthful.  “Thank you.” I replied with a grin.  When he finished went back to the living room to watch a movie. This time we watched the Titanic. I was exhausted. So I snuggled up next to Niall. He put his arm around me. About ten minutes later I was asleep. I dreamt that me and Niall got in a huge fight and he started hitting me. I was screaming at  him to stop. I awoke myself to me screaming. Niall looked like he just woke up. He looked at me and asked

” What’s wrong?” with a sexy morning voice. I could get used to this. I replied saying “ I had a bad dream.”

“ Ok we can talk about it in the morning.” he said. I went back to sleep. I sleep peacefully the rest of the night. I woke up the next morning at about 11. Niall was still asleep. I looked at my phone and realized it said monday. “ Shit.’ I whispered to myself. I realized I had school and it started three hours ago. I woke Niall up. I told him I had school and he got my clothes from the dyer and handed them to me. While I changing he made me a little breakfast. I ate as quickly as possible. Then Niall dropped me off at school.

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