forever young

8 girls who live in the uk


5. shopping & getting ready for date

amys p.o.v

i woke up and found the text so i got dressed in this

we are shopping all day cuse we have no work today  kristen in this

lizzie in this

kylee in this 

emily in this 

lucy in this 

spencer  in this

holly in this 

we arrived at the mall and we bought these

kristen bought this for her date 

but  lizzie bought this 

kylee bought this 

emily bought this 

lucy bought this

spencer bought this 

holly bought this 

amy bought this 

they all got this 

kristen bought this 

lizzie bought this 

kylee bought this 

emily in this 

lucy bought this 

spencer bought this 

holly bought this 

amy also bought this 


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