forever young

8 girls who live in the uk


7. nialls girl

spencer's P.O.V

i woke up and took a bunch of selfies cuse i love my pone witch looks like this 

but kristen got dressed in this

me  in this 

lizzie in this

kylee in this

lucy in this 

holly in this

amy in this

I go to work and see the girls we all say hi  and go to our stations niall was at the water station

me: um niall what are you doing here 

niall: isnt obvisous 

me: uhh

niall: water

me: oh yeah right here you go

niall: umm spencer can i ask you something

me: u sure

niall: do you uhh

me: do i what

niall: *whispers something*

me: what

niall:*does it again*

me: what 

niall: do you want to go on date with me

me: see that wasn't that hard

niall: do u 

me: sure why not 

niall: ook see u tommorow

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