forever young

8 girls who live in the uk


3. job apply

kylee's P.O.V

i arrived at the job thingy majg but i text them to come cuse they weren't here i told them come on hurry up they texted  me back aying they were on the way 

kristen came in dressing like this 

lizzie in this

kylee in this 

emily in this 

lucy in this 

spencer in this 

holly in this 

amy in this

me to lady at desk: hello we would like to apply to these jobs on this page

lady at desk: um which job will u guys like

me: i would like to be water girl

lucy: i wanna be makeup girl

me: ovi

 lucy: *death glare*

kristen: i wanna be ....omg harry

harry: oh yeah ur the girl who i hit with a fressbee

kristen:*laughs* yeah *looks down* right

harry: * whispers to the lady*

lady: ok girls watever job u want u have

all say awesome

kristen:um i wanna be asstaint

lizzie: i wanna be makeup

emily: i wanna be water

amy: i wanna be asstaint with kristen

holly:  i wanna be makeup

spencer: i wanna be water

lady: ok girls u got the jobs

all: eppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

louis: *stares at lizzie* ummmm uh harry we have  to go

harry: ok let me do one more thing * comes closer to kristen then kisses her and she smiles*

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