forever young

8 girls who live in the uk


4. first day

emily's p.o.v

 i woke up and got dressed in this

kristen in this 

lizzie in this 

kylee in this 

lucy in this

spencer in this 

holly in this 

amy in this 

amy: where do the asstaints go

kristen: um yeah 

lady: over there and the water girls over theremakeup overr there

all say thx and go to they're areas the boys were at the makeup area for an interview

harry: um wheres ur friend kristen

holly: over there 

harry: thx *walks over to kristen* hey girl

kristen: dont try to talk english u know u cant

harry:*laughs* yeah sorry. would u like to go on a date with me

kristen: let me cheak my scudchele yes

harry: ok see on friday

kristen : ok um u have a interveiw right now so u better go

harry: ok see you later

kristen: bye dont forget to smile 

harry: ok bye

kristen: bye

amy: kristen emily wants to see u 

kristen: ok where is she

amy: over there 

kristen ok thanks *walks to emily* hey water girl

emily: hey i saw u talking to harry what he say

kristen: he asked me out 

emily and kristen scream

kristen: text the girls that and we are go shopping

emily: kkkk

kristen:lol rofl

emily: could stop talking text now

kristen: good call 

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