forever young

8 girls who live in the uk


6. date time

kristens p.o.v

i wake up and get dressed in my date outfit 

lizzie in this 

kylee in this

emily in this 

lucy in this

spencer in this 

holly in this

amy in this 

kristen: ok im ready to go where are are u takeing me handsome boy

harry: first im takeing u on a walk in the park then on a romantic dinner date

kristen: ok lets go

harry: come on

they both arrive at the park

harry: so tell me about yourself 

kristen: ok my favrite color is purple my fav animal is kittys

harry: well..

kristen: you dont have to tell me i know everything about u

harry: stalker much

kristen: im not a stalker i just know a lot

harry: sure u do

kristen: is that a flash

harry: what dang its stupid papprizza

kristen: lets run 

they run off

kristen: omg we lost track of time its already 7:00

harry: oh lets go we have reservations

kristen; kk

they go to the restraunt 

harry; we'll have the spaggitti bowl for 2

kristen: we will

harry: yes we will

waiter: ok

2 mintues later the waiter comes wit the food they ate it up there was a long spaggitti so wen they ate it they're lips touch and there was sparks they both blushed













hey guys im the author here sorry i havent  posted in a while i was very busy so sorry

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