forever young

8 girls who live in the uk


2. besties forever

kristens p.o.v 

i woke up with a huge headace but i still got dressed in this

lizzie in this 

kylee in this 

emily in this 

lucy in this 

spencer in this 

holly in this 

amy in this 

i got out to go hang out with my bffs and do a little shopping but my head still hurts . then when i walked out i got hit by a frisbee.then a curly haired boy came close when i got my vision back i recnizeed him it was harry from one direction.

harry: im so sorry i didnt see u there

me: um wow its ok im aright

harry: well what can i do to help u

me: harry im ok

harry: i hope so oh i have to catch up with the boys

me: ok bye 


i finally arrived at the mall


me: omg girls guess who i met

amy: santa cluas

me: no harry from one direction

all the girls screamm

emily: omg how

me well i walked outside they were  playing fressbe then harry threw it and it hit me and thats how we met

spencer: well if u meet them agian  count me in

we all laugh then go to every store in the mall we got tired but we found starbucks in the mall so we got some coffe to shop till we drop

me: wow im being to sound like amy

amy pushes me and we all laugh. 

me: um girls this is wat i found

i take off a poster on the wall 

me: omg it says help wanted makeup girls , water girls , and asstaints needed for one direction

lucy: i wanna be makeup so i can touch they"re faces

holly: ur a freak

lucy: shut up

holly laughs

lucy: but i really want it though 

me: i wanna be asstaint

kylee: like ur goona get it u u never helped someone in ur life

me: oh really i can help ur  butt go to the door

kylee: dont u touch my butt

me: ok girls its getting late lets go home bye

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