When the World Ends...

In the projected future the Earth and it's people will witness an all out war among humans themselves. Those who die, will be forgotten, those who live, will have no choice but to scour the wasteland that was once their home in search for serenity. Nate Kassel is a survivor, along with his father's friend's children and British tourists who got caught in America. When a strange boy, only slighter older than Nate himself, joins their crew of misfits, what troubles will await them? And what's all this talk about the New World?


1. Prologue

March 21st, 2059 –Friday -22:45

Nimble fingers fumbled with the dial on the radio, turning the volume up just a little bit more. A young boy leaned back from the broadcasting speakers, taking a seat next to his father. They sat in anticipation for an update from the either the world government, or the news castors themselves.

Today marks the first day in the third world war. Small scale wars have broken out throughout parts of Asia, Europe, and the northern countries in Africa. So far America has been untouched thanks to the efforts of the National Guard, Navy, and small platoons in the Marines. Although we believe that these barriers will not last past this upcoming Monday, we ask that if you are not already in a sheltered place with no windows and locked doors to find one soon. Hospitals, police stations, and any other emergency services have been cancelled due to the workers being sent home in event the army could no longer hold control of the borders. We regret to inform you that if you need any medical attention, you will have no choice but to find other means.

The man quickly shut the radio off, scowling and huffing a loud breath out of his nose. For three years there had been warnings about this impending war, and yet, no one did anything to prepare for it. Sure some people (mostly billionaires) made good with the military and the government, funding any project that they required, ensuring their safety at least for a little while after the war started. But everyone knew how fragile America was; everyone just knew that sooner or later the American government would fall. The real question was how long would they last.

The young boy looked up at his father, his brown hair covering parts of his forehead and eyes, adding a little mystery behind the smile on his lips. “Don’t worry dad, we’ll be okay. You’re strong and I’m resourceful!” He exclaimed with confidence, getting his father to chuckle.

“Indeed we are, and indeed we will be.”

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