The Salty Brook

Written for National Poetry Day! For anyone who doesn't know, a brook is a stream or small river :)


1. Salty Brook

Salty Brook

When running down the salty brook,
Don't stop to look around
Run quickly through the river bed,
Run quickly without sound.

You don't know where you're going,
As you race though thunder,
Mountains stealthily appearing,
Changing your route.

A sudden cavern, everyone pauses
Awaiting the final straight
Then - go! You're sprinting,
Plunging to your fate.

An edge appears, the cliff
So high and perhaps you're feeling scared,
Yet theres no time to think,
And so you jump.

Scattered in a thousand droplets,
Alone, but still surrounded,
Just beading on the jacket
That she had once so wanted.

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