Enchanted Water

I see the water, but at the same time, I can't see it.


1. Enchanted Water

The water is here, rippling.

The water is there, running.

The water is in me, boiling with rage.

Then, the water is above, threatening to fall from a metal sky.


The faint pit-pat of the falling water starts to fall.

The green tree leaves were there to catch them.

The clouds are up there, crying, no one to comfort them.

For right now, I am a cloud.


And I listen, for the angry cries of a war god are getting louder,

The only glimpse of sun starting to fall in battle to the crying clouds.

Yet still, I wait, staring blankly into the pond my tears created

As the mini ponds start to form.


Then I wait, looking hypnotized into the water,

As both tears start to drop quicker and louder.

For the heavens were crying with me,

Showing me I was not alone.


But I didn't believe the heavens.

I mourned into the pond,

Tasting the bitterness of tears as I took a sharp breath in.

The cries for war continued as the only source of light flashed across the sky.


And then, my tears stopped, and on my feet I stood.

The heavens looked upon me, following my example.

The metal sky faded to blue once again.

The war cries stopped as the clouds were pushed back by the sun.

And I looked into the pond.


I blinked my red eyes, and stared.

And saw a girl, a beautiful girl,

Who had survived.

I saw myself.


The water around the pond faded, but the crystal water remained.

For the rippling and running had stopped.

The water was smooth as ice.

And I left the enchanted pond.

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