Love Story

Shannon is a regular teenage girl,this summer she gets stuck in a Love triangle between Phil and Adam what happens when her best friend dies and she needs someone to console in will it be Adam or Phil...


1. Chapter one

Shannon's P.O.V 

I wake up to the sound of my alarm ringing in my ears its 7:30 and I have to leave for school in less than fifteen minutes,I jump out of bed and race around looking for my uniform that my mum has neatly laid out on my Chair. I pull it on a begin to apply my make up I decide on mascara and winged eye liner with my hair straightened and falling either side of my shoulders. I grab my keys phone,purse and  bag and leave for school. I text Charlotte telling her I'm running late and ill be there in five, she relpys with her usual answer knowing I often over sleep. I arrive at hers shortly after the text and we leave for school making sure we take as much time as possible, we are joined my Nina on our way and we arrive at about usual time.

The bell rings for registration and we go to collect the register from the Library on our way we pass Max and Joe,Nina does her usual; hugs Joe greets Max with a friendly hello and continues. Max gives me his usual head shake and Joe shrugs me off like I'm not there but nothing more than what I expected. We collect the register and make our way to form being stopped by several teachers  told to remove out coats and earphones,which on every opportunity we ignore until we see our headmaster and are quick to remove both items on which previous occasions we choose to refuse. "Thank you Shannon" my form teacher remarks as she does every morning taking the register and giving me a half hearted smile. I take my seat and listen to the usual drag how we need to listen to instructions and take our coats off when we are told to just the usual rabble really. When someone at the door catches my attention its the six former Adam Ellis,we had been talking for a while now and he is a really nice lad,he text me the other day asking if we could hook up some time but has ignored me since. "I'm here to collect Shannon Ramsay she has a appointment with the school nurse" he said flashing a wink in my direction,I knew exactly what he was doing but my teacher was totally oblivious. "Off you go Shannon" she said not even bothering to make eye contact with Adam. I Whispered a quick goodbye to Nina and told her I would fill her in later. I continued to walk out the classroom with Adam "so want to skip Class babe?" he said with a smirk across his face. "Firstly don't call me babe,secondly what kind of excuse was that?, thirdly you cant keep doing this" I said angrily  "Doing what?" Adam asked slightly confused "mixed messages, you either like me or you don't,one minute you text me saying lets hook up then you ignore me like I don't exists make up your mind because I wont keep doing this". Then he did something I wasn't expecting at all he cupped his hand on the side of my face and kissed me,"does that answer you question" he said trying to convince me his feelings where real. "maybe but its going to take more than that"  I said really trying to hide how much I enjoyed that intense moment, "how about you come back to my place tonight then?" he asked "okay,that's a start" "now are you going to skip class with me I could think of a few things that would occupy our time" he said with a smutty look on his face. "baby steps Adam baby steps" I repeated "I'll see you later" I answered as I walked back into my form room.


Nina's P.O.V

Shannon returned from her little adventure with Adam quite quickly to my surprise, She looked very pleased with her self though. "So what happened?" i asked excited to know what went on, "im going to his place tonight" she replied enthusiastically "OMFG girl get in!" i screamed. "Nina and Shannon will you please be quiet!" Mrs Biggin or Mrs big hips as everyone like to call her shouted. "sorry miss" we both said in unison. After that the bell rang for class i made my way to p.e and Shannon followed. After the lesson was over it was break and we decided to hang out in the cafeteria. We walked past Joe and several other six formers, and i decided to stay with Joe so Shannon went off to find Aarun. "so" Max piped up, "who has heard fouls new album?" he asked "fouls have a new album?" Joe questioned "yeaa it came out yesterday" i said "have it on my phone already" "JEALOUS!" Max and Joe both said. Then Shannon appeared with Aarun and Phil "Whats up guys" Aarun asked "Just fouls" Joe replied "holy crap not jungle music again" Shannon sighed "SHUT UP" everyone shouted at Shannon "calm down" she said. 

*Bell rings* 


Adams P.O.V 

Finally it was the end of the day and i could get ready for Shannon coming over. I raced home and was greeted by my mum,Ollie and Roxy. I went up to my room and tided up a bit as everything was kind of everywhere. I got changed into jeans and a grey top put on my pumas and finished my outfit with my blue beanie i know she likes. I text her telling her to meet me at seven by the firs and we could go to mine from there; which was literally 10 steps to my house. I went down stairs and told my mom Shannon would be coming over which she seemed to be okay with considering Shann is in year ten and im in my first year of six form,but my mom doesn't judge like that she will probably tell me what she thinks of her after she left. The clock dragged on and it was now 6:45pm so i decided to wait for her at the firs.


Shannon P.O.V 

It was 6:45pm and i was almost at the firs i text Adam telling him to walk up to me. I saw Adam walking up the road and he looked so fit it was unbelievable he was wearing the blue beanie he knew i liked. "Hello gorgeous" he whispered in my ear as he picked me up and spun me around he started to kiss my neck and hit my weak spot on my collar bone allowing a small moan to escape my lips. "hmm your weak spot?" he said with an evil look across his face "don't even think about it" i said sternly. He began kissing me all over my neck and across my collar bone making my breath heightened and making me want him more. "okay okay stop i give in,can we go back to yours now?" i asked excitedly "yes, ready to meet my mom?" he asked "can't wait i have heard she is lovely,Wendy isn't it?" i questioned "yep come on then." We made our way to his which was like round the corner from where we where, he held the door open for me letting me go first. His house smelt lovely, I was then bombarded by to big bull dogs. "Roxy,Ollie get down" i heard Adams mom say "its okay honestly, i love dogs" i said kneeling down to say hello to them both "hello aren't you beautiful" i said. I heard both Adam and his mom laugh "what?" i said curiously "nothing" Adam replied "come on lets get something to eat" Wendy suggested. "In six form and still getting your mom to cook for you" i said to Adam sarcastically "Thats what moms are for" Adam said shrugging his shoulders, i saw Wendy flash Adam an annoyed look "only joking" he said as he pecked his mom on the cheek "yea cheeky" she said. I thought i was so cute how he had a nice relationship with his mom most teenage boys are complete ass holes when it comes to family,but he was different and that's what i liked about him.


Adam P.O.V 

Everything was going great so far and my mom really seemed to like Shannon. We sat down at the dinner table and my mom brought out her famous Spaghetti bolognase, "mmm i love spaghetti" Shannon remarked. "So does Adam he can't get enough of the stuff" Wendy said winking at me, "I remember when he was a little boy and i used to spoon feed it him, he used to get ever so messy" "mom please, i don't think she needs to know about my embarrassing childhood stories" Adam whined "oh id loved to" i said cheekly. My mom and Shann chatted for hours about me when i was a kid we where all having a really good time and i asked Shann if she wanted to come out to the garden with me. "Coming outside?" I asked "No Adam,we need to help your mom" She said politely "Oh no dear its fine i have got this you to go enjoy yourselves" she said winking at me. 








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