The key to me (Completed)

Becca needs a new start. She is adopted and has done lots of things she's not so proud of. But everything seems to change when she meets someone she thinks she knows...


2. Where do I know you from?

Niall's P.O.V.

I knew that girl from something. I remember her eyes. The dark brown eyes of the girl look into that of mine. And I look back. Then Zayn interrupts. He is waving his hand infront of my eyes so I have to look at him. "Were are you staring at, Nialler?" I looked back at the place where I had seen the girl. But she was gone. I walked to the place where she had stand. Nowhere. She was nowhere. I wanted to give Zayn the fault that I coulden't find here anymore. But I knew that it wasn't his fault I coulden't find her. Then I answerd Zayn:"There was standing this girl here. I remember her eyes but I don't know of what. When I looked at you and looked back to where she stood she wasn't standing there anymore." Louis was walking towards us. With - of course - a carrot in his hand. We followed him to Liam and Harry. Together we walked home. But I coulden't stop thinking about the mystrious girl and her eyes. They looked so familiar...


Becca's P.O.V.

I knew him of something. Niall looked so familiair. Mabye because I liked the music of 1D. But that wasn't it. He looked like a old friend of mine. It coulden't be him, could it? Before I knew it I was in my hotelroom, siting on the floor and crying. I didn't care that my parents and Jay could hear me. I tought back at the time that I acuallly had a friend. And it was strange how much Niall looked like him.


Look back 1998 On the playground

A boy was standing on the playground. He had brown hair and blue sparkling eyes. It took a while before I reconized him. But I did. And I ran to him. "Niall!" I was three so I maked the ll really long. Niall looked really happy. "You escaped from the evil witch.": said Niall. But then he looked like he had dropped his icecream. I looked behind me and there I saw madam Clarione. "You little brat, you never leave the house again! Don't you get it that nobody loves you!": was what she said. I believed her. The next day I left again. I walked to the playground and bumped in to Niall. But he wasn't nice to me. He said:"Because nobody may love you of the evil witch, I picked food to be my new friend. It means we are no friends anymore." 


Becca's P.O.V.

My parents walked in. They saw me crying. I felt imberessed. Jay was walking in too. He wiped the tears of my face and said :"Who ever made that you are crying doesn't deserves your tears. That person doesn't know what he is missing." With diverent words he acually said that he loved me. I said:"I saw, well I think I saw an old friend of mine. But he didn't recognize me. He choose food as a friend over me. And I think that he is Niall from 1D, because his name was..." I start crying again. The tears stream down my face. My eyes get all red and puffy as I cry more. 


Niall's P.O.V.

I have a feeling that the mystrious girl is Becca. But she can't be it. She was adoppted 14 years ago. I know that because I wanted to say I was sorry for picking food over her. But she wasn't in the orphinhouse. She was gone. She left my behind on my holiday in London with a feeling of guilde. And every year I came back to see that she wasn't in London. But it coulden't  be Becca. All they had the same eyes. The same big dark brown eyes. And the same long brown-black curling hair. 'But why didn't she talk to me if it was her. Mabye I'm just seeing things. No, it was her. Naill, shut up it wasn't her. What if I pick a flower and pick the leaves out of it and. No, she would hate me then. And..'


Louis P.O.V. 

Something is wrong with Niall. We all can see it. He is just pretending everything is okay. Why would he lie to us. And I tought Harry was a worse liar. He needs to get his mind of it. So I walk to Niall, give him a carrot and a Boo Bear hug screaming:"sometimes we just need a Boo Bear hug, Niall!"


Becca's P.O.V.


An hour later

I finally have the nerve to finish my sentence:"His name was Niall" And I start crying again.


Sorry for the bad English. I hope you liked Chapter 2. 

Lots of love ( a friend of mine would say carrot love )

-xx- Lotte

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