The key to me (Completed)

Becca needs a new start. She is adopted and has done lots of things she's not so proud of. But everything seems to change when she meets someone she thinks she knows...


4. What happend to her?

Harry's P.O.V.

For a really strange reason I was jealous of Niall. I wanted a hug of Becca. But that was a stupid tought. She was Nialls friend. Problably soon his girlfriend. I had to be happy for Niall. But I wasn't. Also I tought it was really strange how becca looked exactly like Louis. Like they were twins or something like that. And this girl. I had seen her before. And before I could stop myself I asked:"Where do I know you from, Becca? You look so familiar." 


Louis's P.O.V.

I hit Harry at the back of his head whispering to him:"You don't just ask that Harry! You've just met." But I also had the feeling I knew Becca from something. She had been in trouble once. I always felt it when people were trouble. But with her. Becca wasn't trouble. She just had a lot of secrets. She was a mystrious girl. And definitely a girl version of me. And I had to protect her. I don't know why. Mabye because she looked liked my lost twin.


Becca's P.O.V.

"No, Louis, It is okay. I've bin on television a lot. But not like you, guys. I was in bad publicity. And I will tell why." I tought back at that day. And started to tell. It all happend 3 years ago...


Belfast 3 years ago

"Becca! If you don't do this I will tell your parents that you stole food and alcohol from the shop!" 'I don't want to' Is al I can think of. Not again. But my parents, what would they think about me when they found out what I've done. Jason was standing there. With his hands on his pants. 'I can't. Not anymore''is what I think. But I nod. And he uses me. Like I am a doll. When he is done all my clothes ar laying around me. I lie in a pool of my own blood. Naked. This time I have lost to much blood. The last thing I hear is a siren. Than the light is out and I sink back in a pool of black darkness.  A month ater I wake up out of my coma. There is a television crew around my bed. They follow every move I make until the case is closed. 


"But it is still the same for me in Belfast. I still look over my shoulder to see if Jason is following me. He comes free some day. He said that he would kill me for doing this to him. He said that I liked it. I didn't like it. Al I wanted was that my parents didn't found out that I had stole something. Now they know it. I am so scared." I started crying again. I saw the faces of the boys around me turning from big shock to anger. And than I knew I just made 4 new friends and that I had an old friend back.


Liam's P.O.V.

I didn't knew what made me more angry. That that Jason boy just used her for his fun. Or that he scared the hell out of her. What I did knew was that Becca just had 4 new friends and had got on old friend back. I also knew that we would do everything to protect her. Just because Niall wanted us too. 


Niall's P.O.V.

'How could this happen to Becca.': is what I tought. This wasn't the full story. She had left things behind. Like what happend after it. And what happend before it. But I would make sure nothing like that would happen again. When the boys and I left I gave her a big hug. Outside the hotel I said to the boys:"I want to make sure nothing like that will ever happen to her again. Are you guys gonna help?" The boys were looking at eachother and said in chorus:"....



I am so sorry for the cliffhanger. 

It is the most stupid cliffhanger ever because everybody knows what the boys answer. 

I just had to do this.

Lots of Love -xx- Lotte

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