The key to me (Completed)

Becca needs a new start. She is adopted and has done lots of things she's not so proud of. But everything seems to change when she meets someone she thinks she knows...


8. Is the nightmare over yet?

Jason's P.O.V.

'I loved that bitch. And she just dumped me for that f*cking boy. He doesn't loves her. He doesn't wants to be with her forever. I have to get her out of there. She will be happy to see me, I feel it.' And that I see the curtains move. A head is for the window. A head with blonde hair and blue eyes. I can't move fast enough so i just stand there. And than I hear the sound of policesirens coming this way. And I run away. But I will come back.


Niall's P.O.V

I see him running. I know he is not fast enough, when I see that the cops handcuff him. He is put in the car, but I hear him scream:"This isn't over yet! I will come and get you! You are a slut, A bitch! But you are my slut!" And than we all hear somebody knock on the door. It is one of the policemen. "Hello, my name is Alexander. I would like to know why he want to kill you, who he is and how he knows you."


Becca's P.O.V.

"Alexander!": is wat I scream. The tears are still falling from my face. I run back to the room as I hear the familiar voice. I almost forgot that there were more people in the room. "Becca! That explains a lot, but still please tell me what Jason wants?" I go over to the couch and sit down on Harrys lap and give him a small kiss. "I will start by the begin, okay?" Everybody nods. They all know that I hide things for them. "Good. It all started when I was put in the orphinhouse. 


~Flasback complete live of Becca~

"Becca? You have to know that I love you. That I will regret this for the rest of my live. When you're 18 I will look for you. You mean a lot to me Becca. And this is the hardest thing I ever had to do. But I have to let you go. Someday when I explain it all to you, you mabye understand it." "Mum, I don't want to stay here. I want to stay with you, dad and Louis. madam Clarione isn't nice to me." But she just left me. They changed my last name from Tomlinson to nothing. I only had a name. Sometimes I left the orphinhouse. Once I found Niall. We became friends in one week. But after that not anymore. A boy was standing on the playground. He had brown hair and blue sparkling eyes. It took a while before I reconized him. But I did. And I ran to him. "Niall!" I was three so I maked the ll really long. Niall looked really happy. "You escaped from the evil witch.": said Niall. But then he looked like he had dropped his icecream. I looked behind me and there I saw madam Clarione. "You little brat, you never leave the house again! Don't you get it that nobody loves you!": was what she said. I believed her. The next day I left again. I walked to the playground and bumped in to Niall. But he wasn't nice to me. He said:"Because nobody may love you of the evil witch, I picked food to be my new friend. It means we are no friends anymore." After that happend I was adoppted. "Rebecca, get down here and stop watching London. You will never walk around there." I was 4 and everyone always said that I was really cute. But madam Clarione used my as her slave. Not that I had problems with that. "Rebecca, I worn you. Those toilets don't clean themselves!" when I was walking in the hall in my dirty clothes a coupe came out of the office of madam Clarione. "Madam we want to adopt her." The couple was pointing to me. First I was scared. I stuck to madam Clarione, but she shook me off and said:"Another child I don't have to worry for."​I moved to Belfast-North Ireland and I never saw niall back. When I was 15 I met Jason. He was nice to me. Protected me. And after a month of dating he became my bofriend. I wanted to throw a party for my 16th birthday. And that was a mistake. Problably the biggest of my hole life. Jason locked me up in his bedroom on my birthday. he told me to don't scream. To don't cry. "Becca? Darling you know that I love you, right?": was what Jason asked. I nodded. "Than why don't you prove me that you love me to. He was pushing me to the bed. 'No!! I didn't want that. I didn't wanted to do that!' But he pushed me on the bed. He took his knife and ripted all of my clothing apart. With my clothing he tied me to the bed. I was naked. And what happend next I while never ever ever forget. He laid on top of me and whisperd in my ear:"If you ever run away, talk to somebody about this or if you go to the police. If you do that I while kill everyone that you love. And as last... You." After he said that, he pulled himself away from me. He raped me on my birthday. After that he said that I had to steal beer, cigarrets, food everything he wanted. And when I said no he would cut me, punch me, he would treathen to kill my family. There was nothing left of the nice boy I had met."Becca! If you don't do this I will tell your parents that you stole food and alcohol from the shop!" 'I don't want to' Is al I can think of. Not again. But my parents, what would they think about me when they found out what I've done. Jason was standing there. With his hands on his pants. 'I can't. Not anymore''is what I think. But I nod. And he uses me. Like I am a doll. When he is done all my clothes ar laying around me. I lie in a pool of my own blood. Naked. This time I have lost to much blood. The last thing I hear is a siren. Than the light is out and I sink back in a pool of black darkness.  A month ater I wake up out of my coma. There is a television crew around my bed. They follow every move I make until the case is closed.


"Jason had to go to jail for 2 years. But he broke out for like 3 times. Everytime there was Alexander to pick him up. Alexander was also next to my parents and brother the only one that I trusted." Everyone looked shocked. But next to shocked Harry also looked jealous."No need to be jealous Hazza. Alexander is gay.": is what I say to get the jealous look of his face. "And Alexander to answer your question what he is doing here is: He wants to kill everyone I love and than hewants to kill me after he had his fun. And it works out pretty well. Graham, Elle and Jay are dead." And again I started to cry. 


Louis's P.O.V.

I walked up to the door to open it. And yes there was my mum. "Louis, I want to see her?" Is what she says. And so I bring my mum to Becca. She looks up when she hears me coming. Something in her eyes changes. "Mum?" And than she passes out.

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