The key to me (Completed)

Becca needs a new start. She is adopted and has done lots of things she's not so proud of. But everything seems to change when she meets someone she thinks she knows...


3. I have to find her.

Niall's P.O.V

I have too find her. I have too know if the girl was Becca. I walk to my mirror, too see that my eyes are red from crying. 'but I didn't cry' Then Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam walk in my room. Harry says:"I tought I was a terrible lair. But sometimes Niall, you are even worse. So tell us why you are crying." It wasn't a question. The boys were worried. And so I tell:"At or concert there was a girl starring at me. She looked sad. And I remember her eyes and hair of something and I think she is Becca, but that is impossible because she is adoppted 14 years ago. She was a friend of mine. And sometimes when I was in Belfast I tought I saw her but it was never her and I just want to say to her that I am sorry." Harry, Liam and Louis were shocked. Zayn was just a little, but only because he had already heard the story. And as one person Zayn, Louis, Liam and  Harry were saying:"Let's go find that girl."


Jay's P.O.V.

"Excuse me have you seen this girl?": was what 5 boys were asking. "Yes, that is my sister. How did you come on that picture? And what do you want from her?" I was scared. How did they get her picture? "We just want to talk to her. It is important.": was what the boy with the carrot answerd. It was strange how Becca looked like him. Okay. I gave in. Follow me, please. At the door of Becca's room I turned around. "If one of you tries something  or says something that will make her cry I break personal your nose. Get it?" They all nod that they understand it. And than they walk in the room. The last thing I hear before the door closed is 'never heard of knocking before you walk in'. 


Becca's P.O.V.

'Never heard of knocking before you walk in a room' is what I say when I hear the door go open and close. Then I turn around, see the five boys and scream:"GET OUT OF MY ROOM, NIALL!!" I felt guilty when I was finished with screaming. He looked so sad. A little calmed down I said:"Ever tought about it that I could sit her, naked? And that you just walked in, without asking if you could come in and that I mabye was sitting naked her." And then Louis covered his eyes. He tought I was sitting there naked, becaus I said that. But when I turn around they see that I  was wearing a strapless dress. When I turn around Liam gasps. I  really look like Louis. I was like Louis his girly look-a-like. And than Louis looks at me. "You really look a girl version of me, do you know that?" It was true. I looked like a girl version of Louis. And than I saw Niall. He looked really happy that I didn't hit him. I was looking at him and than I started yelling at him:"How could you do that to me! I tought I could trust you! You were my only friend I've ever had! And you just stopped liking me because madam Clarione said nobody loved me! And I hate you! And sometimes I saw you in Belfast but I was afraid to go to you. Because I didn't wanted to lose you again." I stopped screaming and the last sentence I wisperd. And I started crying again. The tears were streaming down my face. And Niall walked over me and wisperd in my ear:"Sometimes we just need a Horan hug. So he hugged me. I started to laugh. "Let go Niall!" He did. And then I said:"Sometimes we just need a Becca Bear hug." And it was my turn to hug Niall.


Niall's P.O.V.

'She has forgiven me!! Yess!!'

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