The key to me (Completed)

Becca needs a new start. She is adopted and has done lots of things she's not so proud of. But everything seems to change when she meets someone she thinks she knows...


6. Flying of time and a bad message.

Becca's P.O.V.

'The vacation was going fast. Louis still didn't tell me when we were going to his mum. But I didn't care. He knew her beter than I did. I was also standing in the papers. Everybody knew I was besties with Niall. I didn't like there reactions. It was all hate. I also wanted to know when Harry would ask me out. I mean, I asked Niall I've he liked me and Niall had answerd that harry liked me. But when was it going to happen?' Zayn was standing in front of my nose:"Hello? Earth to Becca? We are going to play a game, okay?" Louis screams before I could say something:"TRUTH OR DARE! I want to play truth or dare!!" "Lou! Calm down! We are standing next to you! You don't have t scream!": is what I scream back. We all settle down in a circle. And because lou had chosen which game we were gonna play, he had the right to start. 


Harry's P.O.V.

'We only had 3 days left with Becca. Niall was depressed because of that. But I was even more depressed. I wasn't myself anymore. I knew why. The lads also knew why. I loved Becca. So we had made a plan. Everything went according our plan. Louis should start the game. And he did.' The bottle turned around and ended on Becca.


Louis's P.O.V.

The bottle ended on Becca. "Becca? Truth or dare?" Becca chose dare. And so I said:"Good, very good. Becca!" She jumped a little. "You have to kiss Harry." And so Becca stands up sits down next to Harry and kisses him. And Harry kissed back. Liam said:"Guys, get room." And so Becca pulls back. Harry whispers in her ear and she nods. And than they kiss again. 'Now I missed Eleanor, because I saw Harry and Becca kiss. But I was happy for them.'


Becca's P.O.V.

I was a little embarrassed when I pulled back for the second time. Now I was Harry's girlfriend. But I was also afraid. Than I got the text message. And I started to cry. He took my phone away. It wasn't just a hate message. It was a message of Jason. All the boys were reading the message. It said:"I know where you are. I know how to hurt you. I whill kill everyone you love, before I kill you. My love we are going to have some old known fun. -XX- Jason


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