The key to me (Completed)

Becca needs a new start. She is adopted and has done lots of things she's not so proud of. But everything seems to change when she meets someone she thinks she knows...


10. Days in the hospital and mental breakdowns

Harry's P.O.V.

"Becca? Becca! Wake up. You can't leave me. I need you. Niall needs you. Louis needs you. Please, wake up?" But she didn't wake up. Becca is in coma. We hear the soft beeps of the machine that counts her heartbeats. Tears are streaming down my face. I miss her smile. Her smell. Becca smells like hospital. The doctors didn't know what happend that she was in coma. She was really healty. But she didn't wake up. "Becca? Please, just wake up okay? Do it for me. Fight against the darkness."


Louis's P.O.V.

'The doctor had said that becca mabye could hear us. But he also said that there wasn't a reason that she was in coma. I was confust. Becca was my twinsister. Jason and billy where in jail. Elle, Graham and Jay were dead. Becca was in a hospital without a good reason.'

I was ripped out of my toughts by Harry who was screaming:"Zayn!! Get a doctor she sqeezed my hand!" Zayn is walking out the room screaming:"DOCTOR BECCA MOVED!" After a couple of seconds a doctor walked in. 


Harry's P.O.V. 

Becca squeezed my hand. She wisperd my name. "Harry? I will miss you." And when the doctor walked in everyting was quiet. I mean everything. The doctor quikly beeped up other doctors talking in a thing:"Quik you have to come. The heart of the girl in room 215 stopped beating." The nurses and doctors rushed in and took Becca out f the room. A nurse smiled at me."We will do everything to make her heart beat again." 

We just sat there. Tears were streaming down our faces. Nobody said something. "Becca" was what I whisperd. How could her heart dtop beating. What did just happen? "We lost Becca, everytime I think we got her back. we just lose her again.": is what Niall says. And he is right. We just keep losing her. And on that point I can't handle it anymore. I start to scream.


Liam's P.O.V.

(A/N Yes, I know that Liam consists.)

I think:"So this is how a mental breakdown looks like" Everyone looks shocked at me. "I said that out loud, didn't I?" Everyone nods. 'Oops'

After some hours the doctor comes in again."Do you have news about Becca?": is what I ask. "Yes, she is... 


Hope you like this chapter. It isn't my best chapter. 

Lots of Love -XX- Lotte

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