Friend or Foe?

Gold in the 24 hour poetry competition.


1. Friend or foe?

A sparkling ray of sunlight spread,

through the waves, to the ocean bed.

A world of beauty, that cannot be compared,

the single world that the humans have spared.


But as the night falls and the darkness appears,

the sun's bright shining face slowly fills with tears.

The skies burst open with a flourish of rage,

and the sobbing clouds hold the moon in their cage.


But dawn shall arrive and wash the darkness away,

as the white foamy waters crash into the bay.

The storm of the night has gone with the waves,

and out come the people from their metallic caves.


I am water, and water is me,

to me you will run to, or from me you will flee.

I can bring you life, and help you bloom,

yet still I can bring you to a watery doom.


I will swirl and splash along the golden sand,

write my name in the sky with the clouds at hand.

But I can rage and roar and dance with death,

leaving you wishing you had held your breadth.


Come to me in the depths of your despair,

for whilst I can destroy I can also repair.

To some I bring joy, to others woe,

but am I really your friend or your foe?









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