He doesn't deserve his heart #Larry

If you love someone, then set them free. If they come back, then they're yours forever.


1. When they changed

3 years. It had been 3 years since Louis had met Eleanor, and 3 years since Harry "lost" his best mate. Harry never lost-lost Louis, like in lost forever, but the friendship where they were so close, that some of their friends and family actually thought, they were together as a couple didn't exist anymore, it was long gone.

No more cuddles, no more peeks on the cheeks, no more flirting. Harry remember the nights in their flat, when Louis would sneak in to Harry's bed, and they would cuddle up, and whisper secrets in each other’s ears all night, and in the morning when the other boys would visit them, and then them cuddling in bed, they wouldn't say a word, because that was just how Louis and Harry were. Close. None of the two boys never had feelings involved, because their friendship just worked that way.

Harry hadn't seen Louis for almost two weeks, they had only texted a little, when they needed to, and he missed his best friend, and he couldn't even get himself to blame Eleanor, because she made Louis so happy, and to be honest, that was all Harry wanted. Louis to be happy, even if it was without Harry.

Harry was spending his time in his flat, which him and Louis was sharing for ages, before Louis decided to move together with Eleanor two and a half years ago. What Harry didn't know, was that it was actually Eleanor, who told Louis to move out, because she was uncomfortable with them living together, and if he denied to, she'd leave him right on the spot. Louis gave in, and that was when their friendship changed.


"Hey Haz, can we talk?” Louis asked when he walked through their front door, to find Harry sleeping on their couch. Louis chuckled to himself by the sight of the sleeping boy, because Harry looked so... Innocent? Louis felt an urge to protect the younger boy, so nothing could ever hurt him again, but Louis knew, he was about to hurt the curly-haired boy himself by moving out.

Louis walked over to the couch, wanting to curl up on Harry's side, just have one last cuddle, but he couldn't. Instead, Louis started to shake Harry, hoping he wouldn't wake up, so he didn't have to tell him.

"Get the fuck away from me, Lou", Harry somehow managed to mumble with a sleep morning-voice, before sinking even deeper into the couch, annoyed at Louis for waking him up.

"Don't make me give you a Wet Willy, Hazzabazza", Louis teased, knowing his best friend found Wet Willis nasty.

Harry's eyes shot wide open, his green eyes met the blues, and if looks could kill, Louis would be a dead man by now. "Don't you fucking dare, Tomlinson", Harry warned, which just made Louis laugh even harder than before, and then he realized, he was going to miss living with Harry more than anything else.

"Now, why did you wake me in the middle of my beauty-sleep, you bastard?” Harry asked, punching Louis playful on the shoulder. Louis' laughed, but then cleared his throat, knowing he couldn't push it any longer. Harry seemed to catch the fact, that this was serious, so he placed his hand on Louis' wrist for showing support. "You can tell me, Lou. Please", Harry begged, trying to catch his best friend’s eyes, but Louis' eyes was locked to Harry's hand on his wrist.


"I-eh," The words got lost in Louis' throat, and Louis was for the first time speechless. "You know, I love you, and you're my best friend, right?” was the first who came to his throat, blurting out.

"Louis, I swear to God, if you woke me up for that, I'll hate you forever", Harry joked, before he remembered how serious Louis had looked, so he continued; "But yeah, I know that. I love you too, and whatever you're about to tell me, it won't change that. We won't change. You'll be my idiot forever and always, okay? So bring it, Tommo".

Louis' eyes did for the first time meet Harry's, and a real smile was placed on Louis' lips.

"I-I'mmovinginwithEleanor", Louis spoke fast, removing his eyes from Harry's. He didn't dare to see the look on Harry's face, he couldn't bear it, but then he was shocked by Harry's next words.

"Okay", Harry had said, still smiling.

"Okay?” Louis asked, searching for some sign on Harry's face, that showed he was hurt or unhappy about it, but there was nothing but the look of a supportive best friend.

"Yeah, I knew the day would come, and we couldn't be this close," Gesturing to the whole living-together-thing, "forever, we'd had to move on at some point, but to be honest, I didn't thought it would happen this soon, but I'm truly happy for you and Eleanor, because I know, you love each other, and she makes you happy, and that's really all I could ask for, because a happy Louis is the best Louis, and like I told you before, we won't change, we'll still be Harry and Louis, and you'll still be my best mate, and I'll support you in every choice you make, even though you might take some stupid choices sometimes, but - oh my god, I'm rambling again, aren't I?".

Louis was taken aback by Harry's words, and if he felt bad for leaving him before, then it was ten times worse now. How could he ever leave this idiot of a best friend? However, he had to.

"God, Harry. You're amazing, you know?” Louis managed to say.

"Save the sweet words for your girlfriend", Harry teased, pulling Louis into a hug, which he gladly responded, and that's how they ended up in the last Larry Stylinson-cuddle, but little did they know.


In addition, Harry had meant, what he said that night - he was happy for Louis, and he still is, but when he thinks about his words; "We won't change", his heart breaks into a million pieces, because they did change, and he wasn't sure, if it could be fixed; or they could be fixed ever again.






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