He doesn't deserve his heart #Larry

If you love someone, then set them free. If they come back, then they're yours forever.


4. The wedding

The wedding came fast after that.

It had been three days since the dinner-night, and something had changed. It all had went back to normal between Louis and Harry, as if they never had lost each other for three years. They were all clingy and they wouldn’t let one another out of sight, afraid to lose each other again. They would joke like in the old days and they even flirted as fuck, just as they used to. Harry had felt amazing over the past three days, because he finally had his best friend back.

Of course, every good things ends, and the thought scared Harry­. Today was Louis’ wedding day and Harry was afraid, because he couldn’t stand to lose Louis once again. He REFUSED to lose him again, and even if it wasn’t Harry who would marry Louis in a couple of minutes, he still needed him as a friend.


At the church…

The sound of wedding bells played and every single person in the church went quiet. Harry was so focused on the beautiful man standing by the alter, that he didn’t even notice Eleanor’s and her father’s entrance. LouisLouisLouis, was everything on his mind. Harry knew he was head over heels for Louis, and the thought of it didn’t even scare him. It was just painful, because the man would never be his.

“We’re all together here today…” the priest started, and that’s when Harry lost it. He could feel the tears press against his eyes, but he did everything to fight against them. He couldn’t start crying now, because that’s just pathetic. Harry didn’t hear a word of what the priest said, until the words he had forgotten all about, was spoken.

“If any man can show just cause, why they may not be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.”

Harry forgot how to breathe. This was his chance.

Many questions went through his head. Could he do this to Louis?  What did he even expect? That Louis would run away with him? Pathetic.

For the first time through the ceremony, his eyes met Louis’, and that’s when he discovered something. Louis didn’t look as happy as he should standing next to his soon-to-be-wife.

Harry stood up. “I-I’m against it”, he stammered, but he didn’t dare to look at Louis, instead his eyes was plastered to the ground. The whole church gasped.

“No, he's not. He’s drunk. Sit down, Harry”, Eleanor warned, and Harry couldn’t blame her, because after all he was about to ruin her wedding.

“Louis, I love you,” Harry just went straight to it, didn’t he? “Wait, I don’t just love you. I’m in love with you. I know I’m crazy for telling a straight man, that I’m in love with him at his own wedding, but hear me out. I love everything about you. I love your gorgeous blue eyes, and I love the crinkles by them. I love the smile you have, and I swear I mean it, when I say that you could stop a war just by smiling. I love that you’re so tiny, because it makes it easier for me to protect you. I love your tiny hands, and I just want to hold them forever. I love your mouth, and if I had the chance, I would make tea for it every morning for the next 90 years. I love your hair, because it’s so fluffy. I love your sense of humor, and that you never fails to make me smile or laugh. I love that you’re the modern Peter Pan, who never wants to grow up. I love when you wear glasses and beanies, because it just makes you look so innocent and cuddly. I love your laugh, and I love how it can light up my whole day just to know, that I caused you to make that beautiful sound. I love your sense of style, and I love when you wear my way to big clothes. I love how close you are to my family, especially my mother. I love how random or loud you can be, and I love when you talk endlessly. I love when you pull a funny face, and I love that you’re always so happy. I love every single of your tattoos, because they present who you are, even if you haven’t told me all of their meanings.  I love when you sing, and I love how much presence you put in it. I love that you’re so talented in everything, because you always find a way to make everything happen. I love how you always drives so slow, because you’re afraid of driving fast. I love how you are horrible at dancing, and I love how you keep trying. I love your voice, and I love how it can make me so calm. I love how crazy you are. I love how adorable you are, and I love how I can’t even handle it. I love that you’re a wonderful brother to your sisters. I love when you’re in your sassy mood, and I love how you cares about your friends. I love that you’re honest, and I love how unique you are. I love how big your heart is, and damn it, Lou… I just love you so much. It hurts so much to know, that you’re about to marry someone who’s not me. It hurts to know, that it won’t ever be me. I know this is stupid, but I don’t think, I could ever forgive myself, if I didn’t tell you this. I wish I had did it sooner, but it wouldn’t have change anything, now would it? I could stand here rambling about things I love about you, and I know I could find thousand more things, but it wouldn’t matter. I’m sure I just ruined our friendship, and right now I just wish I knew when to shut my mouth, because I can’t live without you. I need you in my life, even just as a friend. Please” Harry stopped his rambling. What was he even doing? He could feel every single person in the church look at him. Harry had looked at Louis the whole time, and Louis’ eyes never left his. No one said anything, but Harry didn’t even notice, because in his world it was only him and Louis who existed.

“Say something”, Harry whispered quietly to Louis as his voice broke.

To Harry’s surprise, Louis spoke to Eleanor, not Harry. “I just realized something. When I still lived with Harry, he would always take care of me and show how much he loved me, even if we weren’t in a relationship. He would always wake up before me and make me breakfast. He would make me tea, when I was having a bad day. He would drive 03.00am just to get me ice cream from 7/11. He would watch the same movie 3 times in a row with me, even if he hated it. He would stay inside all day just to cuddle with me, even if he had plans. He would let me sleep in his bed and hold me tight, if there was a thunderstorm. He would clean up after me, when I was too lazy. He would sing me to sleep, when I couldn’t fall asleep. When I was sick, he would call of his work, and stay with me. He would call me all those crazy nicknames, and I remember every single one. He did so much more for me, and I took it for granted. It’s the small things that define love, Eleanor. The small things is what matters. You don’t do these small things for me, and I don’t do them for you either. I never knew how much all those little things he did meant to me, before he stopped doing them. He would do anything for me,” Louis said, but was interrupted by Harry’s small voice.

“I’d do anything for love”, Harry said.

Before Harry could even say or do anything, Louis was standing in front of him. 

They didn't say anything, they just look in each others eyes. It was like they were speaking to each other mentally, so nobody in the church would hear them. It was their secrets. 

"You're a mess," Louis whispered, so his cold breath hit Harry's skin. "I caused it, and now I'm ready to clean it up. Let me". 

Harry answered that by pressing his lips against Louis' in a long-waited kiss. It was messy and awkward in front of everyone, but Harry wouldn't change it for a million dollars. It was perfect for him.  




Two years later .. 


"Mom, I don't know if I can do this", Harry whispered in the phone, so Louis wouldn't hear him talking on the phone to his mom.

Harry had planned his proposal to Louis down to every single detail, but he was a wreck right now, even though he was 99 percent sure, that Louis would say yes. 

"Do you love him?", she asked calmly. 

"Uh, didn't you hear my speech to his wedding? I love him more than anything", Harry answered annoyed. It was obivious he loved Louis very much. 

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?", she asked. Harry sighed. Who was she? From the F.B.I or what?

"There's nothing I rather would", he threw back at her, honestly. 

What Harry didn't know was, that Louis was eavesdropping on him and his mother, and he heard every single word they said. 

"What's stopping you from proposing then?", she asked. 

"I really want to marry him, but.." Harry was interrupted by to arms wrapping them around his stomach from behind and a soft whisper in his ear. 

"And I'd marry you, Harry", it said, and added: "Because it rhymes".

Louis and Harry got married that spring.

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