He doesn't deserve his heart #Larry

If you love someone, then set them free. If they come back, then they're yours forever.


2. Sometimes you have to be your own hero


It was still Eleanor and Louis' three years anniversary, when Harry received a phone call from Louis. Harry had been confused at first, because Louis didn't call often, so why would he on this special day?

When the phone call had ended, Harry wished, he'd never answered the phone;

Harry was sitting in his flat watching a chick flick, didn't even bother to take a shower or make something out of the day, because why would he? He let a annoyed groan out, when he heard his phone ringing, because to be honest, he wasn't in the mood for people today, but when he saw the name on the screen, he woke up immediately.

"Hey Lou-is, is something wrong?” Harry asked, and he wasn't sure, if he even was allowed to call Louis for "Lou" anymore, so he corrected it.

"Why are you assuming something's wrong?” Louis asked curious, before he figured it out, and continued: "Oh, because I don't call often anymore, right? Yeah, that's actually why I called, I have to ask you something, but I need you to just listen and don't interrupt, okay?”

Harry wasn't sure if he wanted to hear this or not, but in the end he was too curious, so he ended agreeing with a simple "okay".

"Okay, here we go," Louis said, taking a deep breath. "I know, I'm a shitty best fri-", he said, but was interrupted by Harry's voice.

"You're not, you're just moving on in your life, and I accept that you don't have so much time, as you used to have, Lou"

"Harry, shut up, and let me speak out, okay?” Louis hissed, not in a mean tone. "As I said, I'm a shitty best friend for not being there for you anymore, and I've kind of just left you behind, haven't I? I know, we used to be super close with no boundaries, and I know, I left that behind, when I moved out. You told me, we would never change, and I believed you, but I swear to God, if I had known, I'd lose my little Hazza, I'd stayed there forever. You've done nothing wrong, Harry. You're trying to hold us together by calling and making movie-nights with me, I’m the one pushing you away, and it's not even on purpose. I don't know if I'm even your best friend anymore, but I understand if I'm not, because I truly don't deserve it, I-", Louis was again interrupted by Harry's voice.

"You will always be", Harry simply said, waiting for Louis to continue to speak.

"Thank you, Harry. I feel shit for calling, when I feel like I should've done this over coffee or something, but I have to ask you something, and I'm kind of nervous, because I don't know, how you'll react, but here we go", Louis spoke very fast, but the words were still separated, and that was followed by a question that made Harry's world stop for a while;

"Harry, will you be my best man?"


Moreover, that's how Harry ended up like this. He had never even thought about Louis and Eleanor getting married, but the thought about it actually broke Harry's heart. A lot. He wasn't jealous of Louis - or Eleanor for what it matters, but he was 100 percent aware, that his and Louis' friendship had no longer any chances to recover.


If they couldn't hold it together while Eleanor and Louis was only dating, how would Louis find any time to Harry, when Louis and Eleanor would get married, have kids, move away from their flat in London, and hell, Harry was sure, that Louis even would forget about Harry and the lads.


In addition, that’s why he had said: "Of course, Lou. We once promised each other, that we'd be each other’s best mans, now didn't we?" - Louis had been chocked about the fact, that Harry was so calm about the marriage, but little did Louis know that Harry was just trying to support him, even if it would hurt himself. Harry thought being Louis' best man, would be the bst way to end a friendship, because it kind of showed that 'Harry's job was done", the job had been to be by Louis' side, until he could be happy on his own without Harry, and all Harry had to do now, was to trust that Eleanor would keep Louis happy.

When Harry finally stopped crying, he realized that he just had to let go, it wouldn't help fighting for something that hopeless.

"If you love someone, set them free, and if they come back, they're yours", Harry whispered to himself, because right now his own words was his only support, and his mom had once told him, that sometimes you have to be your own hero. 



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